Meet Midnight

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Meet Midnight! This handsome cat, Midnight, is a wonderful 6 year old domestic short hair cat that came to us in June 2013 after his owner died and his family could no longer care for him.

When examined by our Veterinarians he was soon diagnosed with Asthma and food allergies. Midnight quickly adjusted to his inhaler so he can breathe normally and was given a special diet to manage his allergies.

Midnight was soon adopted by the Taffet family. After a few months, Bob, his human father, reports that Midnight is doing really well. Bob said that despite his obvious craving for companionship, at first it was very difficult for him to allow himself to trust his new humans. That has all changed now. Midnight has taken full run of the house and prowls around at all hours.

Midnight is an incredibly sweet and cuddly kitty that loves to hang out with anyone, look out the window, and adores a good long scratch behind his ears.

July 2019

Midnight’s ongoing issues with asthma are being managed with his cortisone inhaler. He’s still on a special diet, but is able to have some yummy food and treats occasionally. His dad, Bob, reports that Midnight is as handsome as ever, but there has been a change—he’s become calmer. “Midnight has lost some of that fearfulness that used to drive him to run away from people. These days, Midnight has become a cuddle bear,” said Bob. “When I’m watching TV, he will lie down against my leg and just enjoy the contact.” Midnight even was cozying up to Bob’s friend who visited recently and he feels that’s a major milestone for his cat.

March 2019

Midnight’s dad, Bob, reported that kitty’s asthma is under control, thanks to his cortisone inhaler. Every other night, Bob carefully bundles Midnight and administers the inhaler, and even though Midnight sometimes objects, it’s worth it to help him breathe more easily. Since Bob retired, Midnight has become his constant companion, following him from room to room and walking on his computer to demand scratches. “He craves physical contact,” said Bob. “And I don’t mind at all.” Bob also said that Midnight has become so vocal of late that he wishes he spoke “cat.” But we don’t think Bob needs to learn another language. He and Midnight communicate beautifully already!

November 2018

Life has been a treat for this handsome black cat since being adopted. He and his feline sibling, Nala, have slowly but surely become close
friends over the years. Now, the two spunky felines can almost always be found together. They run around the house playing tag, share a comfortable spot on a favorite windowsill, and pick from one another’s food bowls – the bond between them strengthens. Their human dad says the relationship they have built has been a long time coming, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “They keep me on my toes every day,” Bob said with a laugh. “Imagine you have two cats. One of them is on a special, low protein diet. The other is not. One is supposed to eat a prescription
dry food while the other gets to eat yummy Purina food. Well that’s the saga of Midnight and
Nala, always finding ways to make things interesting.”

March 2018

Midnight came to our Pet Health Center recently for his checkup. His veterinarian says he’s doing great, but could stand to gain a little weight.
So now, his dad, Bob, is spoiling Midnight with yummy treats. Midnight, always a bit vocal, but now talks a blue streak – letting his family know when he’s hungry or wants attention. “Midnight usually lies on a chair next to me when I’m at the computer. One night he just stood up and
climbed onto me and just settled down onto my chest and made himself comfy,” Bob says. “He’s a terrific companion.”

December 2017

Midnight’s socialization is proceeding beautifully according to his dad, Bob. He says his little handsome man really wants to be social but there are times that you can see he’s fighting the impulse to run away at the merest of distractions. Whether it is in his basic nature or not, one can’t truly say. But he seems to be trying so hard to continue to come out of his shell. Bob said Midnight will now eat treats from his hand, something he could not bring himself to do in the past. Midnight is making great progress.

September 2017

In recent months Midnight seems to be getting a bit less easily spooked and more inclined to hang out with his human family – especially if there is a scratching in the offing. He likes to curl up on his dad’s desk right next to his laptop while he’s working, occasionally trying to walk on the keyboard if he’s not receiving the attention he wants. Midnight’s health is very good according to his dad, Bob. He still goes into coughing spells but not so much now, making his dad believe the issue is much more seasonal than first thought. Overall, Midnight is one spoiled cat who enjoys the simple things in life alongside the family he loves.

June 2017

Midnight’s coughing from his asthma condition has continued to lessen with the help of his inhaler, making his dad, Bob, a very happy man. He said Midnight’s friendly, affectionate nature is a great fi t with his other cat, Nala, who is very sweet and shy. The two of them get along very well and enjoy keeping each other company. Bob says when he’s in a certain mood he sometimes calls Midnight, Minuit – which is, of course, French for midnight. And occasionally, if he’s in a particularly jocular mood, he calls him Mezzanotte, which is, of course, Italian for midnight. Midnight may not answer to any of these nicknames, but one thing is for certain – he’s living a happy, healthy life thanks to your support of our Pet Sponsor Program.

March 2017

Midnight is happy as a clam to be able to sleep on his human’s bed. He gets so excited as bedtime approaches. He will even come downstairs to get his dad when he thinks it’s getting late and it’s time for bed. His asthma and coughing are generally well managed with an inhaler every other day. Midnight, by nature, is extremely skittish, but loves to climb all over his dad looking for head scratches and love.

March 2016

During Midnight’s annual check-up, his dad Bob was delighted to tell the doctor that Midnight hardly coughs anymore. With that, the doctor advised that his inhaler should only be used as needed. Unfortunately, this winter the cough returned along with the inhaler. Bob gently helps Midnight with the inhaler every day to calm down his asthma. We hope that in the warmer weather, Midnight can take a break from the inhaler again and breathe easier on his own. Your monthly giving means the world to Midnight and Bob. Thank you.

June 2016

Midnight’s dad has become quite good at hiding the inhaler before Midnight can try to escape. The daily inhaler has been calming down his asthmatic cough and keeping him healthy and in fine spirits. His new feline cousin, Ontje, has been visiting and slowly becoming friendlier with Midnight and his feline sister Nala. As Ontje is also black, it’s easy for the family to mistake him for Midnight except for Midnight’s distinguishing feature of a splash of white on his chest. A big thank you goes out to all of Midnight’s sponsors from his family!

September 2016

Midnight has become more affectionate lately. He loves to cuddle and has been really sweet to feline sister, Nala. Midnight and Nala have become allies against Ontje, their recent bossy feline houseguest. His family has figured out that feeding the cats separately has eased the tension among them. Bob, Midnight’s dad, looks forward to when Midnight lets him know it′s time to go upstairs to bed. Thank you to all of Midnight’s sponsors for giving him the good life he is now leading!

December 2016

Midnight recently began to have spontaneous coughing spells that have since calmed down with a dose of the inhaler every other day. Around 11 PM every night, Midnight usually wakes up his dad on the couch to let him know it’s bedtime. Mom, dad and Midnight all sleep so soundly together. In the morning, Midnight bends his head back so his dad can scratch under his chin. What a happy family!

September 2015

Midnight’s stomach trouble has settled down and his coughing is much better. Midnight and his feline sister, Nala, have really softened toward each other and been caught “nose to nose” several times. Midnight sleeps between his parents, dragging his blankie into a cozy spot and settling in. The Taffets’ feel that having these two cats in their home completes their family, as well as adds to the general hilarity of life.

June 2015

Midnight has become a cat that loves to cuddle – but still will run around and get into mischief on occasion. He bosses his sister cat, Nala, around – but the two cats have formed a bond. Neither will accept food treats unless the other is present. Since Midnight is on a special diet due to his digestive problems, keeping the two cats’ food separate can be a challenge. He hasn’t had too many of his asthmatic coughing spells, which is very good news. Midnight’s family would like to thank all his sponsors for making it possible for them to care for him.

March 2015

Midnight is doing great, as long as he stays away from the plants in his home! Midnight’s dad, Bob, had to spray the plants to assure he stays away – Midnight doesn’t realize that nibbling on plants is what causes him to feel sick and trigger his digestion problems. Maybe it is the cold weather, but lately Midnight has been making his way to Bob’s bed. Midnight likes to head-butt Bob in the middle of the night – sure, it is disturbing but Bob doesn’t mind it.

December 2014

Midnight has been great.  He still has his asthmatic coughing spells but with the relief of his daily inhaler treatment, it has been less frequent and easier for his airways to clear.  His progress makes his dad extremely happy.  Midnight and his feline sister, Nala, have developed quite a relationship.  Recently, when it was time for a treat, Midnight was nowhere to be found.  Yet when Nala was offered her treat, she just stood around looking for Midnight and would not eat until her mom found him so they could have their treats together.  Midnight is truly loved by his entire family.

September 2014

It is wonderful how well Midnight has learned to come out of his shell. He used to be a shy kitty and hid all day under the bed. But now he roams freely around the house. He loves being pampered with ear scratching and cuddling. Recently, Midnight made a shocking appearance when his dad, Bob, had guests at his home. He made quite the impression – letting everyone pet him! Bob has a routine when it is time for the two-man operation of getting Midnight to use his inhaler. Either his daughter or wife will comfort Midnight while Bob puts the inhaler on. This tactic has had success thus far and the little guy has his asthma under control. Midnight is lucky to have a loving family and dedicated sponsors.