Meet Mr. Man

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Meet Mr Man! Mr. Man, nicknamed Whopper, was appropriately named when he was found outside a Burger King as a kitten in 2013 and stole the heart of his rescuer.

For the next three years, Mr. Man enjoyed family life until his dad could no longer care for him. So, he turned to us who he knew would provide Mr. Man with all he needs until we can place him in another loving, responsible home. Mr. Man was diagnosed by our veterinarians with a mild Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, more commonly known as a heart murmur, causing a thickening of the walls of the heart.

We are thankful no medication is needed at this time, and only biannual veterinary visits and a yearly echocardiogram are required. Mr. Man is a handsome gentleman who greatly appreciates ear rubs. We are looking to place Mr. Man with a calm adopter who is an ear-rub expert. With the help of generous monthly Pet Sponsors like you, Mr. Man will live out the rest of his days as healthy and happy as possible. Thank you!

March 2018

Last October, his family celebrated his first adoption
anniversary! Everyone who meets this handsome fella quickly learns how
gentle and sociable he is. Mister Man’s health also been great, reports
his dad, Alex, especially after transitioning him to the specialty dry and
wet food a while back. He has great energy and has become increasingly
affectionate to both of his human parents. He always wants to be by
their side and keep them company. Mr. Man has blossomed into the best
version of himself thanks to the support of his wonderful sponsor parents!

December 2017

Mr. Man is just wonderful! His mom, Rachel, said he gladly eats his special prescription diet without being picky and even looks forward to it! His family is so grateful that North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Sponsor Program is here to help provide lifesaving needs. They say he’s been cuddly as ever and is a super awesome lap kitty! Mr. Man was recently the recipient of new toys, including a plush mouse! “It’s been so adorable to watch him carry the mouse over in his mouth and meow as he gives it to us like a gift,” Rachel said. “Mr. Man is our gift. Thank you Animal League America.”

September 2017

Mr. Man is faring well. He’s quickly become a kind of cat who takes every opportunity to jump in the lap of his parents or lay on their chests when they lay down to watch television. He’s been very happy and cuddly, and loves to watch the birds outside of the window. He’s a big fluffy ham and spends most of his time loafing around or rubbing on mom and dad asking for gentle pets. Mr. Man had a small health scare in the spring, but thanks to a trip to the veterinarian and the implementation of a specialized diet he’s back to his normal self. “Our big boy is back running about the house behind us and intensely watching us cook chicken in hopes there will be some left for him,” says his human mom, Rachel. “We love him so very much and are glad that North Shore Animal League America was able to help get him the care he needed.”

June 2017

Mr. Man’s first few months with his new family have been simply delightful. His adopted dad, Alex said Mr. Man has brought so much joy and warmth to the house, and he has acclimated very quickly to his new surroundings. He always wants to be around his humans, especially if he is being pet or brushed. He even made a habit of jumping into bed with his parents at night. His parents said it gives them such a sense of warmth to have him join them in bed at night and to wake up to him lying next to them in the morning. They’ve also continued the tradition started by associates and volunteers here at North Shore Animal League America of outfitting Mr. Man with a tie during certain occasions. During the holiday season, his dad said he was outfitted with a very festive red and green tie, and he looked like such a gentleman. Follow all of Mr. Man’s amazing family moments on his Instagram page

March 2017

Soon after joining the Pet Sponsor Program in September, Mr. Man was adopted as his family’s only pet and is completely the center of their attention. And in return, he’s become super cuddly and sleeps soundly every night with his mom and dad! What a difference from the timid fellow they met here. His proud parents are over the moon with his progress and have created an Instagram account, @mr_manthekitty, to share him with the world.