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Ranger, a Black Labrador Retriever Mutt-i-gree®, was rescued by the Animal League when his was 2 years old . The Animal League rescued Ranger and placed him in the Sponsor Program, where he will be cared for the rest of his life.

Ranger has been diagnosed with melanoma, which is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. The Animal League discovered the melanoma on his right, hind toe. Even though the cells were removed from Ranger’s toe, it is very likely that the melanoma will resurface, as it is known to spread rapidly to other parts of the body.

Ranger will need to be monitored closely for the rest of his life. Animal League veterinarians can’t really determine how long Ranger will live, but the cancer will likely shorten his lifespan.

Ranger is an incredibly loving dog. His gentle nature and sweet disposition make him extremely charming. Ranger has been adopted into a permanent home, where his new family loves and cherishes him. The Animal League is very happy to be able to care for Ranger for the rest of his life.

July 2020

Ranger has been doing very well through this entire “new normal” that we all have been living with. He seems very happy to have his family home all of the time as they’ve been able to take him out much more frequently throughout the day. His mom Bonnie said she doesn’t think “he has ever been walked so much in his lifetime!” Ranger’s been eating and drinking well and has been in great spirits. We purchased him some new memory foam beds for different parts of the house as he seems to prefer these type of beds lately. “Having a companion like Ranger in our home has been a blessing during this COVID-19 outbreak,” declared Bonnie. “The comfort and unconditional love given by Ranger is a godsend to my children, particularly my teenage daughter. A few months ago, Ranger started limping and then didn’t want to go up and down stairs. Then he also started to seem off-balance. It turns out that he had an inner ear infection which caused him to become unbalanced. Luckily, after antibiotic treatment, he’s back to normal! Ranger’s family would like to thank all of the people who continue to sponsor special animals, like Ranger, who bring such joy to families like their own.

March 2020

Ranger’s family is thankful every day that they still have this incredibly loving dog. His gentle nature and sweet disposition make him extremely charming and everyone always wants to meet him on his daily walks. Ranger enjoys the holidays so much when there are guests in the house. He gets a lot of attention, particularly from the children and, of course, lots of extra treats. Ranger had been diagnosed by Animal League America veterinarians with melanoma on his right hind toe, which is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. The cells were removed however, melanoma can resurface and spread rapidly. For this reason, Ranger is monitored closely and we’re happy to report so far that he remains cancer free.

November 2019

Ranger came in as a two-year-old rescue, who was diagnosed with melanoma, a dangerous type of skin cancer. It was removed from his right, hind toe but melanoma is tricky and can resurface so he has to be monitored. So far he is still cancer free. He is supremely happy living as a member of the Eisert family and has become an integral part of the community. He greets all the people and dogs he meets on his daily walks and trips to the dog park. He may be slowing down as he is getting older but he continues to thrive thanks to the great care he receives from his family and North Shore Animal League America. Perhaps love does conquer all!

July 2019

Ranger was recently at our Pet Health Centers for a checkup. He has a slight digestive problem, but the great news is that he is still cancer free! “He’s not a big fan of winter time. He likes to find a nice place by a window to hang out with the sun shining through,” declares his dad. He will run a bit every day and be outside for some of the time. Ranger really loves to go to his 15-year-old human sister’s soccer practice—in fact, he’s there four days a week. Ranger is a congenial fellow. His family reports that he likes all kinds of dogs, and he’s even very friendly with cats. Though he’s seven years old, he’s a big puppy who just wants everyone to play with him.

November 2018

Whether in the backyard or on a walk around the neighborhood, Ranger is happiest when he is out and about! Winter isn’t his favorite time of the year, but with cooler weather comes the opportunity to enjoy nights outside around the cozy fire pit with his family. One of his favorite spots is right next to the grill when his family is outside cooking up some delicious barbeque. Hmm, we wonder why? “He continues to exhibit a happy disposition and brings so much joy to our home,” said his human mom, Bonnie. “He is starting to show some gray hairs on his face and it reminds us how blessed we are to have him in our lives for all of these years. We sincerely appreciate all of the Sponsors who allow us to care for Ranger. He
is such a special dog and such a big part of our family.”

March 2018

Ranger and his loving family had fun-filled New Year’s holiday! His mom, Bonnie, says the family had a large number of guests in the house and everyone commented on how Ranger is so well behaved, sweet, and great with children. Ranger loves his daily walks, and of course, extra treats. “Thank you to all of the wonderful sponsors who allow us to take care of Ranger,” says Bonnie. “Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy new year as we look towards another wonderful year with our beloved Ranger!”

December 2017

Ranger welcomes the cooler days of fall and winter that will soon be here. Ranger’s family is also excited for the cooler weather so that they can have more outdoor activities with their four-legged friend. His mom reported that Ranger has recovered nicely from his recent foot surgery, and has a new spring in his step. He is eating and sleeping at his normal schedule and has been very content these days. As always, a big thank you to all of the sponsors who help Ranger receive the proper medical attention he needs to stay healthy and strong.

September 2017

Ranger’s mom, Bonnie, is pleased to report that her big boy is 100% back to normal after undergoing a surgical procedure on his rear left paw at Animal League America’s Alex Lewyt Medical Center last spring. He’s now able to bear his full weight and even has some bounce in his step! He has been eating and sleeping well and continues to have a wonderful disposition. Ranger’s mom and dad took him to Fire Island for a week-long summer vacation this year! He loves the beach, running in the sand, splashing in the water, and meeting new people. Summer is obviously Ranger’s favorite time of the year, so he soaked up as much of it as he could. As always, a tremendous thank you to all of the wonderful sponsor parents for their support throughout the year!

June 2017

Ranger recently had a close call. Another cancerous tumor in his paw was diagnosed and surgically removed here at our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center. Here’s an update in his mom’s own words: “Ranger is doing very well. We have been giving him his medication, cleaning his wound, and caring for him since his surgery. The wound is healing nicely and he is walking without any type of limp. He has been in good spirits and has been eating and exercising as usual. We were so happy that the mass on his paw appears to be isolated to that spot and that they did not find any masses in his lungs. Again, thank you so much for all of Ranger’s Sponsor’s generosity and the support we receive from North Shore Animal League America and their staff!!”

March 2017

Ranger has been doing really well! He recently had some digestive system trouble and began losing weight. His family brought him to see Dr. Nagy at our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center. The doctor prescribed medication and a strict grain-free diet. The new regimen brought Ranger back to his old self. His family put up his stocking with toys and treats (grain-free of course) for the holidays. The whole family also thank the sponsors who sent in gifts and cards too! Ranger and his family enjoy hanging out in their family-room, where Ranger has his own comfy special spot. He is happy and healthy as ever and his family is delighted to have him in their lives.

December 2016

Ranger enjoyed a family trip to upstate N.Y. during the fall foliage. He especially loved running around in the open fields of the countryside. His human sister Rachael’s favorite part of the day is her evening walk with Ranger followed by some cuddle time on the couch watching TV. She’s really looking forward to spending even more time together during her holiday break from school.

September 2016

Ranger’s favorite time of the summer was his two daily walks. All of his doggy neighbors were so happy to see him with plenty of play-bows and barks hello. Ranger is eating and sleeping well, and has been in good health overall. As always, his family is so appreciative of the sponsors who ensure that North Shore Animal League America can continue to keep its no-kill promise to as many innocent, homeless pets as possible.

June 2016

Ranger is on the mend after a surprising weight loss from developing irritable bowel disease. Thanks to the doctors at North Shore Animal League America who prescribed the right medication and special diet he has been thriving and gaining weight! His new food is easier for him to digest and has calmed down his sensitive stomach. He seems much more active and happy now and his family is excited to spend more time outdoors now that the warmer weather is here. As always, they appreciate the support and love from his sponsors. He is a wonderful dog and deserves the best!

March 2016

Ranger had a weight loss scare that can commonly mean the melanoma has returned. Thankfully, that was not the case and a new prescription diet helped him return to his normal, healthy weight. More frequent follow-up veterinary exams will be needed to be sure he remains stable and cancer free. His family is more grateful than ever for Ranger’s recovery and thank you for making his care possible.

December 2015

Ranger and his family have been spending a lot of time outside lately. They even took some great day trips together in the nice, cool autumn weather. He is as active and playful as ever as well as a great eater and sleeper. Thankfully he continues to be healthy and cancer-free. His family is overjoyed to have Ranger in their lives, and are so very appreciative of all of the donors who continue to support Ranger’s health and well-being.

September 2015

Ranger has been enjoying exploring the neighborhood on his daily long walks with his family. People always comment on what a sweet dog he is. Ranger continues to have a nice, healthy appetite. He joined his family recently on a fishing trip where they caught a large striped-bass. His family found, once the fish was grilled for dinner – that Ranger loves fish! Ranger also enjoyed the family backyard bar-b-ques. He and his family would like to thank all of the people who sponsor animals for their continued support, and hope everyone had a happy and healthy summer!

June 2015

Ranger is doing wonderfully. When his family went on vacation recently, Ranger spent a week with his best dog friend, Jengo. They enjoy playing together and looking out for one another. In fact, his family is contemplating adopting another dog so Ranger will have a playmate. Ranger is eating and sleeping well with no signs of his cancer returning. He is an extremely affectionate animal who brightens up the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. His family feels very lucky to have him as part of their family and thank all of his sponsors who make it possible for them to take care of all of Ranger’s medical needs.

March 2015

Ranger enjoyed the extra time with his sister during winter break. He loved waking up and being able to spend most of the day with her. When she has her friend over the house he receives extra attention – because who can resist Ranger? We are so thrilled that Ranger is given the proper care and attention he deserves. Rex has never been better! He is beyond excited to have a new canine sister, Gracie. Gracie is a very sweet older dog that despite her age, is willing to run and play with Rex. Jean, Rex’s mom, knew that she was the perfect pal for her angel. When they first met at a local shelter they instantly became friends. Even though they’re in their golden years, they sure are having fun as much as any young pup. All good things for Rex, we wish him the best!

December 2014

Ranger has been super lately.  He is eating and sleeping well and continues to have a wonderful disposition.  He gets so much love from his human sister.  He soaks up all of the hugs and kisses that she gives him.  Ranger is always excited to greet her at the door after a long day at school – how he misses her for all those hours!  They truly are best friends.  Thank you to the amazing sponsors that love and support Ranger.

September 2014

Ranger has been doing very well. He absolutely loves the summer and is spending as much time as he can outdoors. Recently, Ranger had a playmate spend the night when his family dog-sat for a friend. Being that all went well and Ranger seemed to really enjoy his company, there may be a canine sibling in his near future. He loves the beach but still isn’t willing to go in the water – paws only for now! His family appreciates all of the support that his sponsors give him.

June 2014

Ranger has been better than ever, especially now that we are well into spring and approaching the beautiful summer months! He has been eating and sleeping really well. He loves to spend days outside with his adoptive family, laying in the grass with the sun beaming on his body. As always, he loves playing sports with his human brother and sister. Ranger has a cozy bed right next to his human sister – she adores him and shows him a lot of TLC. His family is grateful to have sponsors that allow them to care for Ranger and provide him with the medical care he needs.

March 2014

Ranger is doing wonderfully. He had his own stocking, complete with treats, for the holidays! His family enjoys taking long walks together with Ranger. They all bundle up and walk around the neighborhood enjoying the sights. With no health problems this past year, his family is looking forward to another good year in 2014. Ranger is an important part of their family and, as always, they would like to thank all of the generous sponsors who allow them to take care of Ranger and stay on top of his health.

September 2013

Ranger couldn’t be better this summer. He spends as much time playing outside in his backyard with his best friend and human sister Rachael. His family is so relieved that he continues to be cancer-free! Your sponsorship allows his family to continue to care for Ranger. Thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

June 2013

Bonnie, Ranger’s adoptive mother, is happy to report that he is in excellent health. Recently he visited the oncologist and continues to be cancer free. He has a very good appetite and sleeps soundly and peacefully at the foot of his human sister’s bed. He waits by the front door each night to go for his regular run in the fields near their home. The family thanks all his sponsors for their loyalty. Without their donations, Ranger would not have the veterinarian’s care that he receives.

March 2013

Ranger is doing very well this New Year. Coming off a difficult fall because of Hurricane Sandy, his family was fortunate to be spared any damage to their house or property. Because of the storm, they had 11 people living with them for almost two weeks! All who stayed with them were fortunate enough to spend some time with Ranger. They all commented on how lucky the family is to have such an amazing dog. Things have settled down now, and Ranger recently went for his cancer checkup. He has received a clean bill of health and we all are so happy! “We are so thankful for the support of sponsors who allow us to continue to provide health care for Ranger.”

December 2012

We are happy to report that Ranger had a great summer with his family. The entire family spent time visiting with relatives upstate and was able to take Ranger along for the trip. They also had a three-day camping trip to Woodstock and took Ranger with them. They learned that Ranger doesn’t like going swimming in the lakes upstate. They also learned that Ranger never strayed too far from where they were, maybe out of fear of them leaving him behind or fear of not being there to protect them. He stuck close to Rachel, his human sister, like glue. Rachel taught Ranger to catch a ball in his mouth. She had tried many times before, but this summer on their trip, Rachel worked with him until he got it. They do not know who was more excited, Ranger or Rachel. As a family that experienced the impact of caring for a sick dog, Ranger’s family wants to encourage all families to think about their pet check-ups this time of year. They truly believe that early detection of Ranger’s cancer was necessary for him to recover the way that he did. They feel very blessed to have Ranger in their lives and appreciate the support of the Sponsors who ensure that Ranger receives the care, love and attention he deserves.

September 2012

Ranger continues to be a loving family member at the home of Bonnie & James. They are happy to report that Ranger’s last visit to the Oncologist was a great one. No new cancerous growths have been detected. He is cancer free! Ranger has been keeping cool this very hot summer taking naps under the big tree in their backyard and being lazy around the house in the comfort of the air conditioning. Ranger has a very healthy appetite for good food and lots of fun! He still goes out nightly for his run with James and even visits the dog park if it’s not too hot. As reported in the past, Ranger does not like loud noises like thunder or fireworks, so when the thunder rolls in you can find Ranger sleeping in their bed. The family loves Ranger so much and is so happy to have him as part of their family. They thank all of you who sponsor Ranger for your love and support.

June 2012

How exciting this day-by-day update of Ranger is, by his 8-year-old human sister.
“This week in Ranger news: Ranger will be getting a bath tomorrow! I feel bad for him because he is scared of baths. It will be OK because I will be there with him. They are expecting great weather so Ranger will have his bath in the driveway!

We had a movie night and watched Kindergarten Cop. We all had a nice night, and I think Ranger snuck some of my popcorn.

Me and Ranger had the best day today. When I woke up in the morning, he was laying on my carpet. When he saw I was awake, he came right over to me and started to lick my arm. I tried to pet him back but he would not let me. He is so funny. After school when I came through the door Ranger was so happy to see me. After my homework, I took a video of Ranger. We had so much fun! I love him! He is so cute. I do not know what I would do without him. My life would stink!”

As both adopted Mom and Dad reported, Ranger is their daughter’s dog, and they are inseparable. They are pleased to report Ranger is in good health and a very happy dog with a very healthy appetite. He gets plenty of exercise and playtime with his two human siblings every day.

March 2012

We are confident that Ranger is going to have a wonderful 2012 with his loving family. His family reports that he is doing well. They find it hard to believe that it has been almost one year since they adopted Ranger. They feel like he has been a part of their family forever. He has learned the routine around the house and is a calm, good-natured dog. He is active, alert and very smart. His health has been consistently good. He is due for a check-up soon to ensure that his cancer has not returned. We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on Ranger’s progress.

December 2011

Ranger’s newly adopted family is still finding out things about him. Towards the end of the summer, they found out that Ranger is afraid of thunder and lightning. Thankfully, the winter season is here and there won’t be much of that to worry about Ranger and his family had a great summer. They had many opportunities to be outside. Ranger continues to have a very healthy appetite and maintains his strong build running across the field near their home. James, Ranger’s adopted father, takes him out every night for his run. They both come home very tired and sleep soundly through the night. Thankfully, Ranger has had no new health issues and he has been doing very well. The family is happy to have such an amazing addition to their family.

September 2011

We are happy to report that Ranger is doing well in his new forever home. Ranger has become very attached to the seven year old daughter, Rachel, and she is just as much attached to Ranger. With their names so similar, they both come running when Bonnie, his adopted mother calls them for dinner. He sleeps in Rachel’s room and each night they go off to sleep at the same time. The family loves to run and be playful with Ranger each day. They live near an open field where many other families go with their dogs to socialize and play. He is very trustworthy and listens well to all the commands they taught him. He knows never to stray too far and is very good with other dogs and children. On the 4th of July, they learned that Ranger is terrified of fireworks and wouldn’t join the family barbeque in the yard because of all the noise. His health is good and appetite better. They have mentioned again how happy they are to have been blessed with such a loving wonderful family dog.

June 2011

RANGER NEEDS SPONSORS! Ranger is a 2-year-old Black Labrador Retriever Mutt-i-gree®. The Animal League rescued Ranger and placed him in the Sponsor Program, where he will be cared for the rest of his life. Ranger has been diagnosed with melanoma, which is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. The Animal League discovered the melanoma on his right, hind toe. Even though the cells were removed from Ranger’s toe, it is very likely that the melanoma will resurface, as it is known to spread rapidly to other parts of the body. Ranger will need to be monitored closely for the rest of his life. Animal League veterinarians can’t really determine how long Ranger will live, but the cancer will likely shorten his lifespan. Ranger is an incredibly loving dog. His gentle nature and sweet disposition make him extremely charming. Ranger will be placed in a permanent foster home, where he will be cherished.