Meet Sara

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Sara’s survival is nothing short of a miracle. Her passionate resolve to live is only matched by her incredibly trusting and loving nature.

On March 18, 2010, a New York City police officer found a young American Pit Bull Terrier mix in the smoldering remains of a home where a fire had just occurred. This poor dog was inflicted with burns across her body and was in need of immediate help.

Sara was brought to North Shore Animal League America. Sara has had several surgeries and intricate procedures to address the burns she suffered from the fire. In addition, Sara was treated for pneumonia, which was a natural consequence of smoke inhalation.

Despite all of her challenges, Sara remains a sweet and trusting dog that allows and even welcomes the help from those around her. Her tail is always wagging and her face always finds a comforting place in someone’s gentle hands.

We believe it was Sara’s passionate will to live and her fervent determination that kept her alive. This amazingly loving and loyal dog wants to live – not only for herself – but to please her rescuers as well.

Though Sara has recovered nicely from the trauma she suffered, she will always have special needs due to the effects of the smoke inhalation. However, as a Sponsor Pet, the Animal League will take care of her and supply her with whatever she needs for the rest of her life.

Your devotion as a Sponsor made this amazing rescue possible. Your generous support cares of Sara and all the sponsor dogs every single day. Thanks to you, Sara has an excellent chance at a happy life. Please help us care for her forever.

November 2022

Sara has been able to live her best senior life in the comfort of a nurturing home thanks to the support from her Sponsor Pet family. This brave girl certainly showed herself to be a survivor throughout her years, and all the time Sara has enjoyed with her human and pet siblings alike makes our work worthwhile.

June 2022

Sara is living her best senior days out in the company of her loving family. Though she may have slowed up quite a bit, she still enjoys being at everyone’s side when they bring her to cheer on her human brother in any of his activities. They continue to be grateful for all the time they have had with this sweet, snuggly girl.

March 2022

Sara might be getting gray, but she is still the sweetest girl, her family said. She loves joining them for outings outside, whether it is a shorter walk, or going to an athletic field to watch her human brother play sports. Sara is a beloved member of their family, and they certainly don’t mind when she would prefer to just snuggle and nap with them.

November 2021

Although Sara’s years are starting to catch up to her, her mom, Stephanie, reports that Sara is doing well, and that her heart and lungs are great. “She’s in good health, but has a lot of stiffness in her back legs so we keep her walks a lot shorter,” Stephanie said. “She also seems to be losing her hearing, but the jury is still out as to whether or not that is selective!” Sara still loves going to the park and watching her human siblings’ soccer games. “She is a very good old girl and we are so grateful to have such a gentle and sweet pup,” Stephanie said. “Sara has been with us through many ups and downs over the last 11 years and we are honored to be going grey alongside her.”

July 2021

SARA continues her reign as “Duchess Sara Jean”! She is an adored member of her family and likes to be wherever they are at all times. Though Sara still requires some special care due to the burns she suffered in a house fire years ago, Sara’s family is always sure to give her the modifications she needs, whether it’s a special bed for her aging limbs or lotion for her skin. Sara enjoys curling up in a spot of sun through the window, and basking in the knowledge that her family thinks she is such a good girl!

March 2021

Sara is still the apple of her mom Stephanie’s eye. Duchess Sara Jean, as they call her, is having more difficulty moving around, especially in cold weather. Since she had knee surgery, Stephanie says it seems that Sara has some arthritis now in her back legs. An orthopedic bed for the Duchess was set up in the warm kitchen with a blanket where she can nap during chilly afternoons. She’ll get up once in a while to go check on what her human siblings are up to and make sure that they are okay. Her mom still makes sure to moisturize the skin where Sara was burned in the house fire that brought her into the Program. Since it is more difficult for her to take the longer walks she used to enjoy, her family takes her on outings in the car with them. She loves car rides! That Sara is happy and content with her devoted family is due to Sponsors, thank you!

November 2020

Sara is not as spry as she used to be, but she still likes to go outside in the nice weather. However, she doesn’t want to be separated from “her” human children for very long — she really does keep an eye on them to make sure that they are okay. Plus she adores the attention and love she gets. Mom Stephanie still has to make sure that Sara’s terrible burn marks are covered with sunscreen during the months that the sun is strong. She also puts moisturizing lotion on her skin during the winter so it doesn’t dry out. Sara loves to go for car rides and watch mom while she is making dinner in the kitchen. After all, someone occasionally might slip her a tidbit of people food as a treat! Sara, after such a rough start in her life, truly found the place where she was meant to be.

July 2020

Sara really is “the best girl.” She is happiest when she is curled up with the sun’s rays shining through a window or with a blanket and, of course, her family all around her. This is definitely her “happy place” according to mom Stephanie. Her mom continues to make sure that her skin, damaged by the terrible burns from the fire she was rescued from originally, stays moist in the winter time and is covered with sunblock in the summer time to prevent further damage. Her family calls her Dutchess Sara Jean. She is such an important part of their family that they had a portrait made of her. She’s wearing a medallion around her neck and looking very regal — just like a real Dutchess!

March 2020

Sara is doing great according to her mom, Stephanie. She’s even dropped a few pounds and is looking svelte. She proudly wears a new festive red sweatshirt on all of her walks to keep warm during cold weather. Her family does use a spray-on moisturizer on her skin in the winter months so it doesn’t dry out. In the summer months, she only gets moisturizer after a bath since she always has sunblock on. Sara has several favorite spots in and around the house. She loves to lay on the floor in the playroom while the kids are playing in there. She likes to nap in front of the window in the sun (plus the floor there has radiant heating). She also enjoys hanging out on the front porch with her family when they are sitting outside. Her family had a portrait made of Dutchess Sara Jean, as they call her, and she looks very regal!

November 2019

If you were to ask Sara about her role in life, she would say that she was meant to be a “nanny” to her younger human siblings and she’d tell you how she holds the entire family together and watches over them. Sara is growing older and enjoys the warmer weather more these days. Of course, because of the burns she suffered in the fire before her rescue, her family has to make sure she has sunscreen on before she goes outside. In the cold weather, her mom Stephanie believes Sara is starting to get some arthritis, so she prefers to curl up in a warm bed in the house. This lady is one loyal and loving companion. And her Sponsors made that possible, thank you!

July 2019

“Sara is doing great. She is a big mush and great with our kids,” says her mom, Stephanie. “We still have to take care of her eyes with ointment from the veterinarian. We also need to make sure we maintain her skin where she was burned. We put lotion on it and must put sunscreen on her when she goes outside.” Sara did have to have knee surgery and, while she recovered well, she really doesn’t like the cold anymore. Her mom thinks she may have a touch of arthritis. Every once in a while, her family thinks about that wonderful fireman who took a burned dog to Animal League America because he wanted to save her. They are so grateful to him, and to her Sponsors, for giving them such an amazing dog.

November 2018

Sara really is the ultimate family dog. Since being adopted, Sara has not only fit right in, but she seems to enjoy being the big sister to her adorable human siblings. Not only is she a dedicated caretaker, but she’s also become a comforting pillow and accommodating kisser when the children are feeling particularly affectionate. This sweet girl went through so much before being adopted into the perfect family, so we are all so thrilled to see her finally living the spoiled life. Thank you to all of the wonderful Sponsors that helped Sara along her journey
– we can say with certainty that she is relishing life to the fullest.

March 2018

This big girl with an even bigger heart is getting through the cold weather with the help of her human siblings, who she loves so much. Lounging around the house, watching the kids play, and going for walks when the weather permits, are just a few of the things Sara enjoys most. For a girl who went through so much in her life before finding the perfect place to call home, we are happy to see Sara enjoying the good life with a family who cherishes her!

December 2017

Sara is in tiptop health and spends a great deal of time out in the fresh autumn air with the whole family – mom, dad, sister, and baby brother. Sara’s household would like to wish all of the Pet Sponsors Happy Holidays and a very Happy and
healthy New Year. And because of you, Sara will have one too.

September 2017

Sara is doing very well. She is her usual cheerful, affectionate self, according to her mom and dad. She’s happiest in the warm weather when she can play in the sprinklers and go for longer walks with her human siblings, whom she simply adores! Sara also likes to bask in the sun, but her folks make sure she has sun block on, of course!

June 2017

Sara’s mom Stephanie is happy to report that Sara is doing very well. She loves giving kisses and being in the center of whatever her human siblings happen to be doing. Whether it’s playing on the floor, lounging around with the family, or going on walks, Sara is always with them. She especially enjoys being with her littlest brother. Now that he’s getting a little older and able to crawl, she dutifully follows him around, making sure that he’s safe. You can see how much she loves him. Thank you for sponsoring Sara and helping her enjoy the family life she was made for.

March 2017

Sara’s been feeling good. Her human baby brother and sister adore her and she enjoys watching them learn to walk, talk and more. She also keeps a close eye on the children and will find mom if the kiddies need her. Her mom and dad believe Sara rescued them as much as they rescued her.

December 2016

Sara just had a checkup at our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center where, as always, she was happy to see some of her old friends. Her family is so happy that Sara continues to be in good health. She’s been playing in the yard with human sister Zoey in the nice, crisp fall weather. She enjoys her walks around the neighborhood with the whole family including her new baby human brother too!

September 2016

Sara’s family was so happy to welcome their baby boy home and Zoey is the best sister ever. Sara is so gentle and curious about him. They have boundless gratitude for all that you’ve done for Sara and will continue to do.

June 2016

Sara has really been enjoying the nicer weather with more family walks and going to the park. They all enjoyed meeting one of Sara’s sponsors, Grace. Sara loved Grace’s presents of yummy treats and a new (and now favorite) squeaky elephant toy! Sara and her family are getting ready for a new human baby sibling. Her family is thankful for your generosity during this especially exciting time.

March 2016

Sara just had a trip to the doctor and saw some of her old friends who were very happy to see her. She’s doing very well and loves wearing her winter jacket in the cold weather. She enjoyed a weekend with her grandma and best friend Gus since her family went away and couldn’t bring her along. Her family is moving her bedroom (that she shares with mom and dad!) so that she will have fewer stairs to climb. This will be better since her knees have never really been the same since surgery and can be stiff when she wakes up in the morning. She is looking forward to welcoming a new baby brother in the spring! Sara and her family want to thank all her wonderful sponsors for their love and support.

December 2015

Sara is doing well and is her usual sweet self. Sara and her best doggy friend, Gus, enjoyed a trip upstate with her family, and had a great time. Outside of that she spends her time relaxing and going on walks with her baby sister. Her family truly loves her and wishes to thank all of her sponsors.

September 2015

Sara is doing very well. She went on vacation with her family this summer, and had a good time running around and playing with people. She is in good health and has lost a little weight. She enjoys playing in the backyard with canine friend, Gus, and her little sister, Zoey. Sara and her family thank all her sponsors for their continued support.

June 2015

Sara is a wonderful babysitter! She is devoted to her baby sister, and will sit beside her and let their mom know if she thinks the baby needs attention. Health wise, Sara is doing well. She and Gus, her feline brother, chase each other around the house – and Sara enjoys her walks outside too. She still has a pound or two to lose, but with all the outside exercise it won’t be hard to trim down. Sara is such a lovable girl and is now living the life she deserves with her loving family. All thanks to you, pet sponsors.

March 2015

It’s still hard to believe that Sara was once a victim of neglect. That she was left in the smoldering remains of a burnt-down home. She was vulnerable and wounded. But that didn’t stop her from recovering from the horrible ordeal. Sara is sweet and friendly and wants nothing but to receive and give affection. It is incredible how tender and calm she is, especially around her feline friends and her baby sister. Her family loves her dearly and couldn’t be happier.

December 2014

Sara recently had a veterinarian visit; other than needing to lose a few pounds everything was very positive.  She goes on three walks a day which will help with the extra weight. And with help from her partner in crime, Gus the cat, she keeps her body moving!  Sara’s mom is researching pet friendly hotels so the entire family can go on a snowboarding trip this winter.  We are very happy that Sara is doing well and, as always, thanks to her wonderful sponsors.

September 2014

Sara looks superb! She is so joyful and always has her wide mouth open, smiling, with her tongue out. When she waits for a treat, she gives her mom the sweetest look with her eyes – her expressions are priceless! Even though the sunshine feels nice, Sara must always have on sunblock or a T-shirt to block the exposed bare skin where her fur never grew back. When it is time for her to snooze, she will plop down on the couch, taking up all of the space she wants. Her number one person is her new baby sister, she likes to protect her while she sleeps soundly. Sara is such a sweetie and her parents are thrilled by her progress.

June 2014

Sara’s family is happy to report that she is cheerful and healthy. She loves the extra company during the day now that her adoptive mom has been on maternity leave! Sara loves extra time for more walks along side her new human baby sister in the stroller. Sara enjoys the summer months as it isn’t as harsh on her skin – compared to the constant moisturizing she endures in winter. In all, everything is going really well for this wonderful family.

March 2014

Sara and her human parents had the happiest of holidays in their new home. Sara is starting to get the hang of the doggie door and has been enjoying the backyard as much as she can during the colder weather.  She will be hard to keep in the house once spring is here! Thank you for your monthly gift of life for Sara that helped us provide all of the surgery and treatment she desperately needed to recover from the house fire she was found in.

September 2013

Sara has been lounging around with her feline siblings and playing with her bulldog and boxer neighbors whenever she can. She is enjoying her summer walks, but cutting them a little shorter on the hotter days. She also enjoys accompanying her human mother to work and making rounds from desk to desk to get spoiled by all. It’s been a relief that Sara hasn’t had any eye, ear, and lung infections that are common from fire injuries and she remains in very good health as confirmed during her recent Animal League America veterinarian checkup.

June 2013

Sara’s adopters are very excited to be moving to a larger home. More room for Sara to run and play, and no more apartment-living for her. This new home has a doggy door that leads out to a full fenced-in dog run. Right now Sara goes for three long walks a day, but this will give her the opportunity to be outside and enjoy the sun whenever she likes. Her health is good; she has a good appetite, and is a sound sleeper. What more could they ask for!

March 2013

Sara is doing well. She is now very comfortable at the Valley Stream dog park, and she’s made quite a few new friends. Sara also eats very well—a mix of Merrick’s wet food and Blue Buffalo dry food. It seems to be doing very good things for her skin and coat. She is also still a very good sport about getting her eye drops twice a day—probably because she knows she always gets one of her favorite treats after the drops are in. Overall, she is in very good health. She has a trip to the groomer coming up as well as a trip to the Animal League for her next checkup. We thought she might be nervous heading to see the veterinarian but she is always excited walking in to the Animal League to see all of her old friends.

December 2012

As always, Sara’s family is happy to report she is doing great. They recently moved and Sara is enjoying the new location. There is a very large park right down the block where she goes for her daily walks. And there is also a very big backyard for Sara to run and play in. Two of Sara’s best friends live in the apartment above them (a boxer and a bulldog). She loves playing with them almost anytime of the day or night. One of Sara’s favorite things about their new home is it is right next door to Stephanie’s pet-friendly office. Sara has spent a few days a week at the office with her adopted mother, keeping her company. She loves to make the rounds, saying hello to all of the coworkers throughout the day. They are happy to say the knee surgery was a success and it seems like her legs are getting stronger every day.

September 2012

Sara is a “Star!” She was written up recently in the “Police Officers Quarterly” and “Pets in the City,” which printed two very good articles about our beautiful Sara and the Sponsor Program. As you know, it was not too long ago that she had surgery on her knees. We are very thankful that all went so well. She is completely back to normal—she has no issues with stairs and can once again go on long evening walks. Best of all she is back to her old self at the dog park. She had her annual physical recently and is in very good health. Sara’s mother believes her breathing has improved; she used to make a lot of noise eating, but it seems to have subsided. She is always happy to come in for her visits to the Animal League; she sees so many of her old friends that helped care for her before she was adopted in 2010. Sara and her family will be moving to a new home with a very big yard that she will be sharing with a boxer and a bulldog, very dear friends of hers. Come September she will be accompanying the family on a camping trip, a long needed vacation for all. For now, Sara has been enjoying the summer, running through the sprinkler, and snacking on ice cream (frosty paws). She does not like the air conditioning, so at bedtime, she uses have a nice fleece blanket and stuffed toy and tucks her into bed.

June 2012

Sara is the unofficial greeter at the local dog park. She’s the first at the entrance to welcome every single dog. All of us here at the Animal League are so proud of Sara. Her miraculous transformation from being horribly burned from a fire to being able to frolic at the dog park and the beach and enjoy all that spring has to offer is truly wonderful news. Her adopted family is really getting to know her likes and dislikes and her habits. Sara does live with another dog in the house, and everyone gets along very well. Sara does not realize what a big dog she is. She often jumps up on the top of the couch to look out the window. She has become once again the beautiful, strong and full-of-life dog that she was meant to be. We are eternally thankful to her supporters!

March 2012

Sara and her family were playing Frisbee on the beach a few weeks ago when Sara started limping. They took her directly to the Animal League where the veterinarian said that there was a possibility she tore a ligament in her knee. Sara was put on an anti-inflammatory for ten days. A few days later her other knee gave out (possibly from over compensating for the first one). They took her to an animal hospital close by their home and it was determined that she had torn both of her ACL’s. She had surgery the next day to fix both of them. Thankfully, Sara is one tough cookie. She was a tremendous hit at the animal hospital. Everywhere she goes everyone seems to fall in love with her. Also, the pain medication she has been on seems to dull her appetite, but she needs to eat her food in order to take it. So, they have been feeding Sara burgers and omelets, which she certainly prefers to her Eukenuba. Sara has to lay low for the next few weeks but she is making a very fast recovery and should be back to her usual routine in no time!

December 2011

Sara is welcoming the cool weather. She is not a fan of the hot and humid weather. She runs from one patch of shade to the next when her family takes her for walks. With the help of her water proof sun block she has remained sunburn free. She loves to lie on the tile floor and/or in front of the air conditioner. She also enjoys cooling her feet in the community water bowl at the park. All the time in the sun has lightened Sara’s coat and you can really see how pretty it is. It makes her family sad that she is missing much of her fur. She is so sweet and friendly; they sometimes forget what she has been through. Sara is excited about everything from a frosty paws to a trip in the car to her sister Evie chewing on her ears. She is afraid of nothing. She is truly amazing.

September 2011

All of us here at the Animal League are so proud of Sara. Her miraculous transformation from horribly burned from a fire to being able to frolic on the beach and enjoy all that this summer has to offer, is truly wonderful news. Her newly adopted family is really getting to know her, her likes and dislikes and her habits. Sara does live with another dog in the house and they get along very well. Sara doesn’t realize what a big dog she is. She often jumps up on the top of the couch to look out the window. Her balancing skills have been perfected! She has become once again the beautiful, strong and full of life dog that she was always meant to be. We are eternally thankful to her supporters!

June 2011

2011 has proven to be Sara’s year! Her adoption is at the top of the list and thanks to the Animal League’s Sponsor Program for special-needs pets like Sara, she will continue to receive quality medical care for the rest of her life. Sara seems happy in her loving home and she gets along with housemate cats Evie and Crumbs. They share water bowls, toys and alternate the best spots for napping on the couch. She continues to get her eye drop medication and that’s usually followed by one of her favorite treats (Beggin’ Strips or Frosty Paws). Did you know that Sara snores? Her family is getting used to it! Sara has also quickly become the unofficial greeter at the local dog park. She’s the first at the entrance to welcome every single dog.

March 2011

Special News: Sweet SARA has finally found her loving home!

The New Year is already proving to be a lucky one for Sponsor Program dog Sara – she has found a loving foster care home! In fact, this well-matched foster family is considering making Sara a permanent addition to their family – they adore Sara so much in just the short time they have known her. Sara’s new foster mother reported that Sara is thankfully making herself feel at home and is already sleeping with the cats in the household. They are often all spotted lying on the big, comfy couch! Health wise, she looks great. There is no change to her medical condition. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on Sara’s progress in her hew home with her new family.

December 2010

We are happy to report that Sara is healing well and is in good spirits. It seems that she has regained her strength. She can only be walked by Animal League’s staff and volunteers who are ready for a dog that loves to run and often pulls them along. After Sara’s harrowing ordeal, you would think that she would be timid and untrusting, but she is just the opposite. She loves being around people and she is ready to enjoy life to the fullest. Medically (and thankfully!), Sara is coming along very well and we hope that she will find her permanent and loving home soon.

September 2010

NEW TO PROGRAM! SARA was rescued from the debris of a fire. Sara had burns covering the surface of most of her body. She was dehydrated, extremely painful, and had harsh lung sounds from smoke inhalation. Sarah also had hematomas in both ears. Her eyelids were burned off as well as the tips of both ears. She underwent multiple extensive surgeries to repair her burned skin. Sara was also treated for pneumonia secondary to smoke inhalation. She will need medications for her eyes for the rest of her life since her eyelids were damaged and she can no longer produce adequate tears to hydrate her eyes. Her lungs may be more sensitive to developing infections or allergic problems in the future. Since most of Sarah’s skin is scarred and she is not able to regrow hair, she will wear sunscreen when outside.