Meet Star

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Meet Star! All those who know this sweet, asthmatic feline were thrilled when they heard she would become part of our Pet Sponsor Program.

Star was fortunate to have her sister, Sky, by her side when she was rescued. These siblings did not expect to be returned to our care when it was discovered that the child in their home developed allergies.

Our feline team immediately realized that Star would face tremendous obstacles in finding a new home-especially with her chronic ailment. Star is adjusting to her new surroundings and medical treatment and enjoys playing with her sister, Sky. Our staff members shower her with attention and help her feel comfortable and loved while she waits for the perfect adopter who will take her and her sister home.

November 2019

These sisters are truly Queens of their home and there is no doubt about who really runs the place. Their human sisters dote on them and attend to their every need. Sky’s atopic dermatitis is controlled fairly well with her special diet, but there are occasional flare ups. Star’s asthma has been under control lately. It’s a busy household—and the cats are still not overly fond of the dog — but the pup handles that with charm.

July 2019

Star and Sky are doing well. The sisters prowl together all over the house and if they want a door to be opened they will sit there and meow! The dog has learned to stay out of their way. They are affectionate with all the family members and so curious about everything. Their mom, Raluca, feels that they work nicely as a team. “I am teaching my twin girls that this is how siblings should act. The girls love them and are in charge of the evening feeding and the litter box at night and they take this very seriously,” says Raluca. “They play with them daily and make us be quiet if the cats are napping — it’s adorable.” They are a true part of the family and everyone adores them—except maybe the dog.

November 2018

Star and Sky are doing very well. Both have quickly acclimated to their new environment and are cohabitating nicely with their canine sibling. Their human mom, Raluca, said it took everyone a little while to adjust, but now they are one big happy family. Star and Sky love playing with their toys, especially the scratching post, which can keep them entertained for hours. They both also love when new human visitors come to the house because that can only mean one thing: lots of petting, head rubs, and of course, treats. “They have brought such a calm and joy to our home,” Raluca said. “We are so lucky to have them as part of the family.”

March 2018

Two-year-old sisters Star and Sky complement each other perfectly. Star, the outgoing, lap-sitting sister demands attention from her human and feline friends. She could be held like a baby all day if you’d let her. Sky is more cautious. She chooses when and with whom she wants to play, and would be most content to gaze out a window from a cat perch with her sister safely by her side. But they can often be found napping while wrapped around one another. The girls receive excellent care from our medical staff for allergies and asthma. We know you share our belief that Sky and Star have a future filled with infinite possibilities!