Meet Xena

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Xena is a lovely and affectionate hound mix. The Animal League rescued Xena and placed her in the life-saving Sponsor Program so that she can get the extensive care she needs to be well.

Xena has a very complex and life-threatening congenital condition. In Xena’s body, an abnormal vessel is allowing blood to bypass her liver. The liver has several functions, one of which is detoxification. When the liver is bypassed, toxins build up in the body. This malformation is called a portosystemic shunt (PSS) or a liver shunt. Among many severe symptoms, this liver shunt can also cause weight loss and seizures, both of which Xena is experiencing.

To help Xena, The Animal League has already provided her with two corrective surgeries. It is very likely, however, that Xena will need more surgeries. In addition to these surgeries, Xena will also need lifetime medication to manage this challenging condition.

Because Xena’s ailment is extensive and ongoing, most small municipal shelters would not be able to accommodate her needs. Her care would be too costly and comprehensive. Instead, it is very likely that Xena would be put down. But the Animal League is dedicated to helping her have the best life possible, and “quit” is never an option.

Your support of the Animal League’s Sponsor Program is helping to ensure that Xena and many other animals get the love and care they need to be as happy and healthy as possible. At the Animal League, they are safe, and loving care is guaranteed. Please help us continue to provide so many animals in need with this unprecedented care.

July 2019

Having become a Southwestern Belle, Xena has her sunbathing schedule down pat — it has to be early morning or early evening. Her mom, Theresa, has to maintain a different kind of schedule for the medications she needs three times a day and Xena knows exactly when it’s time for them as well. She receives her medications from the Pet Health Centers at North Shore Animal League America and her special food for her liver condition. Her favorite flavors are chicken and pork! It sounds like senior living in Arizona is okay by Xena and it’s agreeing with her as she continues to enjoy her life, along with her canine brother Max.

July 2019

Xena is enjoying her senior years in Arizona with her adopters. She loves the warm weather and enjoys the company of her canine brother, Max. She’s been on some special chews to help her with the touch of arthritis she’s developed in her hind legs. Xena still enjoys being outdoors, when it’s not too hot, and lying in the sun. During her walks she’s likely to put her head down and follow her nose like a typical hound in order to find any animal that’s crossed the road. She’s enjoying life in the Southwest with her loving family.

March 2019

Xena lives in Arizona with the grateful couple that adopted her in 2012. She is so smart about her medication schedule that she barks when it’s time for her pills. She takes three different medications three times a day, plus prescription food, to control her liver condition. She loves going on walks and playing at the park. But her favorite activity is lying in the sun while her canine brother, Max, grooms her. “When we met Xena and learned about her medical conditions, we knew she needed a family that would love and care for her and give her the affection she needed,” said mom, Theresa. “We wanted to be that family. We had no idea that she’d be the one giving us so much love and happiness. We are forever grateful to the Sponsors who donate to this excellent program.”

November 2018

Thanks to you, Xena continues to get the many medications she needs, as well as dietary supplements for her liver and joints and the special food her diet requires. Chicken and Pork are her favorites, dry or canned; she’s not very fussy. Through the Pet Sponsorship program, your support makes it possible for Xena to live life to the fullest with her human family. She’s a happy girl, full of love. You wouldn’t know she turned nine on 10/22 from her youthful spirit.

March 2018

Xena’s controlled diet due to the liver shunt that’s made her such a special girl is even more restricted now that she’s in her golden years. She
remains, as ever, a sweet and affectionate member of her adoring family.

December 2017

Xena and her mom, Theresa, couldn’t play outdoors much during this past, hot Arizona summer, but always made a point to take a long stroll each evening when the weather was a bit cooler. We’re told that Xena’s neighbors recently surprised her with homemade peanut butter fl avored dog bones- Xena’s favorite! She returned the favor with big, wet kisses of gratitude. Thanks to her sponsors, this lucky girl is loved by so very many people.

September 2017

This little princess couldn’t be more contented than sharing her sunny Arizona home with her mom, Theresa, and her human and canine siblings. Xena and her pals play all day and then the entire family takes their evening strolls when the weather is cooler. Whether it’s playing with her toys and chewing on bone in the comfort her air conditioned home, or frolicking in the sun, it’s easy to see that Xena has the best of both worlds!

June 2017

When the perfect match is made – there’s no denying it. When Xena was adopted and when she met her canine brother Max, there was no doubt she found the ideal home. The two of them are inseparable, often seen running around the house, playing outside, or simply sleeping right next to one another. Xena continues to thrive because of the monthly support she receives from her loving sponsors. Thank you for allowing this amazing sweet girl to enjoy a happy, healthy life!

March 2017

Xena and her doggy brother Max are super close. Where one goes, the other is never far behind. Besides snoozing together, their other favorite pastimes are chasing each other around the house or outside as well as chewing on a tasty bone. What a perfect pair!

December 2016

Xena’s feeling good and still exploring her new home in Phoenix, AZ, since moving from NY this past year. She chases her canine brother Max all around their new yard and plays ball with their human sister. Their favorite time of the day is in the evening when they go for a walk around the neighborhood with the whole family taking in the desert-like landscape, which is still new to them, including cactus sometimes as large as a small tree.

September 2016

Xena continues to be in good health which the dry, southwest climate of AZ is helping. Xena and her family have been getting to know the many neighbors and their Mutt-i-gree® family members who warmly welcomed them. Their new friends are happy to show them everything that Phoenix has to offer. All the best to Xena and her family with special thanks to you for your thoughtful monthly gift.

June 2016

Xena and her family have been settling into their new home in Phoenix, AZ. It has been an exciting new adventure for Xena so far! She saw a cactus and the desert for the very first time. She enjoyed the milder weather during the winter months and had much more outdoor time during this season than ever before. Xena and her family are so grateful for all of her caring sponsors.

March 2016

Xena and Max had a wonderful time on the drive from NY to Phoenix, AZ,their new home town. Before setting off, Xena came here for a veterinary checkup. Unfortunately, she had a urinary tract infection, as she is prone to, due to her liver shunt condition. Xena continues to take her Lactolose, Liver Happy & Dasaquin supplements on a daily basis. Her family can’t wait to see how Xena enjoys the warmer climate. We wish Xena and her family all the best out west!

December 2015

Xena’s family reports that she and her canine brother Max love to see all of their doggy friends at the dog park. Whether Xena is full of energy or having a lazy day, she loves to be outdoors. We couldn’t be happier for her and her family—and thank all her sponsors!

September 2015

Xena continues to be in good health. She loves the outdoors and going for her daily walks. Her sweet face brings quite a bit of attention; adults and children always want to pet her. No one can resist the way she tips her head for pets, hugs and kisses! Her family is grateful to the Sponsor Program for allowing them the opportunity to have Xena as part of their family.

June 2015

Xena’s doing superbly. She recently had a wellness check-up and all of her liver levels were perfect. She continues to take medication three times daily, which allows her to have the active healthy lifestyle she deserves. Xena loves to lay in the sun anytime she can. As always, her family wishes to thank the sponsor program for the opportunity to have Xena as part of their family.

March 2015

All wonderful news for Xena. She and her canine buddy, Max, have so much fun together. They love to chase after each other and relax together. Xena sometimes sneaks away on her own and lays alone near the window to feel the warm sun. Her daily medications have been helping her significantly – her mom is quite impressed with her energy and health.

December 2014

Xena is truly enjoying the cooler weather.  Xena and her canine brother, Max are inseparable.  The two of them endlessly follow each other around the house and snuggle up on the couch.  Lately, Xena has been in good health which is certainly positive.  We are so grateful for her sponsors who allow her to live such a happy life.

September 2014

Xena loves being outdoors during the summer, but she doesn’t run around too much. She prefers take it easy in the heat. She relaxes on the grass with her best bud, Max. The both of them love being outside and with their family. Even though Xena has endured so much in her past, she is a remarkably strong dog. She is very content and her family feels honored to have such generous sponsors.

June 2014

Xena is thriving! She had her scheduled check-up after which, the doctor decided to discontinue her Denosyl and put her on a homeopathic medication called Liver Happy. Her next blood test, will determine what medication will be best for her liver. Xena continues to be spunky and affectionate which brings complete joy to her family. Throughout the spring, and now approaching summer, she loves to spend a lot of time outside. Xena does love a lazy Sunday morning when she cuddles with her best canine friend, Max. We remain thankful for the Sponsor Program.

March 2014

Xena’s family celebrated her 2nd year as a member of their family on December 12, 2013. Time goes by so fast. Despite Xena’s medical conditions, she is otherwise healthy and happy. Xena is still taking the same liver medications that have stabilized her renal disease. Now, that the colder weather has arrived, Xena and her playmate, Max, love spending time by a sunny window. As always, her family is grateful for Xena and North Shore Animal League America.

September 2013

Xena is sharp, happy, healthy and loving. Her family is thankful that her heart murmur remains stable. She’s been soaking up the sunshine this summer in her yard. It is only through your help that we could adopt Xena, sweet, cheerful, energetic, and so much more dog. Thank you for all that you’ve done and will continue to do.

June 2013

Xena is as active as always. Although her adoptive family were told she has a heart murmur, it is not compromising her present medical conditions or health in anyway. All is well now with Xena. Now that the warmer weather is here, she can spend more time outdoors, playing and running with the family. There is a very special story about Xena meeting with her young sponsor Emily at A very touching story of Xena and a very caring young lady.

March 2013

There is so much to tell you about to keep you updated on Xena. Of course, Xena does nothing but bring the family loads of smiles. She has so much spunk and barks up a storm when she is trying to tell them something. Back in October they had a great opportunity to meet a young girl who decided to make a donation to the Animal League in Xena’s name. They brought both of their dogs, Max and Xena, to a local park where she got to interact with Xena. They were able to tell her all about Xena’s medical conditions, and they even gave her the opportunity to give Xena some of her medications. I think the experience was just as touching for her as it was for Xena and her family. Xena was just in for her physical in early January; her liver numbers are all good and she hasn’t had any bladder infections, which she is very prone to due to her liver shunt. As always, they are so glad to have Xena be a part of their family.

December 2012

Xena was here at the Medical Center a few weeks ago for blood work. Because Xena has a liver condition, she is prone to bladder infections. With her excessive urinating and a trace of blood, she had to be examined immediately. Once she started taking the antibiotics, the infection cleared. The family is now giving Xena a chewable Dasuquin tablet in hopes of keeping her bladder from becoming inflamed and irritated again. Theresa, Xena’s adopted mother, says she is such a pleasure to have as part of the family. Her spunk and playfulness keeps them smiling all day long.

September 2012

Xena’s family is happy to report that she is a complete pleasure to live with. She is full of life and spunk and is always looking for playtime with the other family dog, Max. If he is too tired to play, Xena is content chasing after the toys that she drops down the stairs, or she tries to squeeze into his crate. This was the first 4th of July with Xena. They were concerned how she would react to the outside noise of the fireworks, and they kept her very occupied with her Kong toy, so the noise was not an issue at all. Her liver condition keeps her on a strict diet. Her last physical showed she gained some weight and was given a clean bill of health. Love does cure all. She takes her medications with the same excitement as if they were treats, or she was going for a walk. Xena’s family thanks all the sponsors for the opportunity to give Xena love, a family, and a happy home. Their home would not be the same without her.

June 2012

Xena is a lovely and affectionate hound mix who has a very complex and life-threatening congenital condition. In Xena’s body, an abnormal vessel is allowing blood to bypass her liver. The liver has several functions, one of which is detoxification. When the liver is bypassed, toxins build up in the body. This malformation is called a Porto systemic shunt (PSS), or a liver shunt. Among many severe symptoms, this liver shunt can also cause weight loss and seizures, both of which Xena is experiencing. To help Xena, the Animal League has already provided her with two corrective surgeries. It is very likely, however, that Xena will need another sometime in the future. In addition to all the surgeries that she has had, Xena will also need lifetime medications to manage this challenging condition. Her adopted parents report that she has adjusted very well to her new home. Their other dog Max (a 4-year-old hound mix) repeatedly checks in on Xena throughout the night. Max and Xena are having a lot of fun playing together and have gotten very close.

March 2012

ADOPTION ALERT! Xena was finally adopted, is doing well and will remain in the Sponsor Program so that all her needs can be met. She continues on medicine for her liver and has a special diet, but no further surgeries are necessary at this time. Her new adopted parents report that her first night in her new home went well. Although new parents usually get up quite often to check on their new babies, their other dog Max (a 3 year old hound mix) repeatedly peeked in on Xena throughout the night. Max and Xena are having a lot of fun playing together and learning about each other. Xena had her 1st trip to the toy store. She certainly got a lot of attention when she “spoke” to the other shoppers. We wish Xena a wonderful New Year with her new family and will continue to keep you posted on her progress.

December 2011

Xena currently resides in the Animal Leagues shelter waiting for adoption. We are happy to report that Xena is doing well. She is up for adoption and our Foster Care Department is looking for a foster home for her in the meantime. She is being monitored by the Animal League’s Medical Center and may need additional surgery sometime in the future. Any medical procedures, whether she is in a foster home, permanent home, or still under our care, will be fully covered – thanks to her supporters. Xena loves going out for walks – and happily barks at other dogs she sees. Being a young dog, she wants to play with everyone. She is friendly and is quickly becoming a favorite with the volunteer dog walkers.