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Celebrating One Year at our State-of-the-Art Adoption Center!

Bianca’s Furry Friends at first glance


Lewyt Canine Adoption Center

Quality Time

Enjoyed your
virtual tour? Plan Your Real Visit

I’m your official kitty tour guide, Catrick! I’m so excited to show you this very special place for rescue animals. (Like me!)

Ready to see the magic for yourself? Follow me!

Begin My Tour

SHHHH! Do you hear that? Yep. Peace and quiet.

The first thing you notice here is the calm. (You see, the pups and dogs are downstairs so both us and our dog pals have specially-made areas meant only for us!)

FREEEEDOM! Do you see that? No cages!

As cats, we love to choose our space. Here, we can roam and play as we please!

OUR HAPPY PLACE. Do you see us? We love it.

Basically, Bianca’s Furry Friends - or BFF, as we affectionately call it - lets cats be cats. Lots of my friends had really scary pasts. This cage-free, paradise helps us relax so our true selves can shine. (Just like my pretty coat!)


Plus, when we’re not stressed people who are looking to bring home a feline friend can see the real us!

I’m pretty unique - my cat buddies are, too. The cat experts at North Shore Animal League America know this... so at Bianca’s Furry Friends we get matched with cats who have our same kind of personality and needs!

There’s a room for senior cats

I’m so glad our wise elder cats get a special space! The room is named in memory of Julia Bell Mason, a friend of Beth Stern’s and all us felines. She visited us through Make a Wish Foundation - and really loved senior cats.

Rooms for behaviorally and medically challenged cats

This one’s amazing! A lot of my fellow felines in these groups wouldn’t be adoptable somewhere else. But being paired with cats similar to them means they can be cage-free - and that’s helped so many feel ready to find a family!

There’s a 24-Hour Care Nursery

This space helps baby kittens smaller than me play, socialize more, and grow up big and strong. Their mamas love the private space, too!


A few of the compassionate and caring humans here told me to tell you we also have entire rooms just for exams, grooming, surgeries, recovery, and even a respiratory ward. (That means my pals are breathing and feeling so much better!)

A Special Place Just for Dogs

Okay, their barks may make me jump a little, but our canine friends have much to brag about, too.

Many pups and dogs who are ready to find loving homes are just downstairs from us in their own space - and it got an upgrade so it’s bigger and spiffier!

Room to Roam

From what I hear from my canine pals, they like lots of room to play. Here, they get it! The humans have just added some awesome new dog runs, and boy, are they fun!

There’s Nursery Care Here too!

Like at Bianca’s, there’s a room here just for the littlest pups. At the nursery, these little rascals get the very best care so they can grow up to be strong and healthy.

More Space for More Animals

I miss chilling with my doggie friends, but giving dogs and cats their own floors means the North Shore Animal League America’s no-kill campus has way more space to take in other rescue animals who need top-notch care.

It’s a huge win for all animals in need!

Don’t worry!

BFF helps you lovely humans, too. One great thing is that we have rooms just for playtime with one kitty or pup who’s speaking to your heart!

That means if you feel like you’re getting along really well with one of us, you can get some special one-on-one time. An animal expert is there to help make sure we have the BEST time together - and then we can both figure out if we’re a good fit!


Some of our very generous human friends have rooms named after them. There’s the Rachael Ray Room, the Billy Joel Room, the Hallmark room, and the Julia Bell Mason Room!

Sound intriguing? You can name a room after you or the animal lover in your life! Contact one of my human pals to learn how. You can also make your legacy last with a tribute plaque!

I hope you liked my tour today, but trust me... seeing this beautiful place in real life is even more amazing. So, if you’re curious (like us cats!) then learn more about Bianca’s Furry Friends and plan a trip.

Of course, the humans are absolutely following all social distancing protocols!

After all we LOVE visitors!

(And don’t forget to wear your mask!)