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Summer Thoughts 2008

Posted by on June 25, 2008

Happy summer!

I have been running, running, running!!!! This marathon training is tough and July is the month that I am supposed to REALLY begin my serious training... It is rough, but I am going strong. I have to say that I've lost weight and I'm happy that I'll be nice and slim for my wedding dress in October! I've got the chance to correspond with some of my GO BETH O! Team and everyone is so excited to run the Marathon in November for the greatest organization in the world – NORTH SHORE ANIMAL LEAGUE AMERICA! I am just so excited.

I spent last weekend in Petaluma, California, where I hosted Animal Planet's World's Ugliest Dog Competition. I love this show so much because each of the contestants and their human companions all have such wonderful, inspirational stories. Elwood, last year's winner, continues to spread the word of adopting at your local shelters as well as raising money for various rescues. Another past winner, Archie, has a wonderful family who adopted him just in time to save him from being euthanized. He was on the "euthanasia list" because he was just too ugly. It takes special people to love these "unwanted" dogs. And the winner, Gus, (3 legs and 1 eye!) has an inspirational story of a family living with a pet that has cancer. Beautiful people, beautiful dogs!!! I was honored to have been a part of this show! There are NO ugly dogs in my opinion! It will air on Animal Planet at the end of October. I loved how everyone came up to me and said how great it is that I help animals by representing North Shore Animal League America. I was so proud!! It is amazing how well-known the Animal League is all over the world.

Richard Belzer has been making the rounds with his new campaign for the Animal League. I think he is a wonderful addition to our campaign, and he is so in love with his dogs, BeBe and Django, who changed his life. Richard is a friend of Howard's and now a friend of mine!

Finally, I just want to remind everyone to be sure to keep your pet cool during these hot summer days. I am about to take Bianca to the park and have packed her little water dish and a bottle of water. Read your dog – if she/he appears to be overheated, take them inside to air conditioning right away, give them cold water and wet them with cold water as well. And if you are near a swimming pool, make sure your dog can swim. My Bulldog Bianca doesn’t swim, and we have to supervise her whenever she is near one. Have fun!!

Lots of summertime love! xo beth O

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