Free Adoptions for All Cats & Kittens*

With Kitten Season in full swing, shelters across the country are overflowing with homeless cats and newborn kittens. To help find loving homes for our feline Mutt-i-grees (yes, cats are Mutt-i-grees, too!) and to make room for more arriving on our upcoming rescue transports, our Bianca's Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center will be waiving adoption fees for all approved feline adopters throughout the rest of July!

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What is a Rescue Dog?

When you hear the term “rescue dog,” you might imagine a canine wearing a cape saving you from peril. Exactly what IS a “rescue dog”? At North Shore Animal League America, we like to refer to rescue dogs and cats as Mutt-i-grees: any dog, cat, puppy, or kitten who has been adopted into a Read More

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Is It Better to Buy or Adopt a Dog?

You have made the decision to bring a dog into your home! Now you must determine whether to adopt your new companion, or if you will buy a dog from a breeder or store. There are many factors to take into consideration: Millions of homeless dogs and cats are euthanized in animal shelters annually. Read More

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Only the Best in Care for Your Pet at Our Pet Health Centers

When you bring your dog or cat to North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers — consisting of the Alex and Elisabeth Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center, Don and Karen LaRocca Pet Wellness Center, and the Elizabeth Freed Special Recovery Center — you can be assured that they are in the best hands possible. That’s because we are proud to be accredited through the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Fewer than 15% of animal hospitals in the U.S. hold this distinction.

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Helping This Kitten See A Way Forward

At Animal League America, we see all the amazing things each of our dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens has to offer no matter what their medical condition or where they came from. Little Zucchini lost his eye, but the scar he will bear won’t hold him back from a wonderful future.

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Celebrating the Dog Days of Summer with a Pup Named Drake

This year, the “dog days of summer” fall between July 3 and August 10. But for me, these special days began in late June when I fell madly in love with Drake, a spectacular senior who found himself in the care of North Shore Animal League America when his human went into a nursing home. He’s a big, handsome mush, and like so many others, all he needs is a second chance.

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Keep Cool With Your Pets This Summer

As summer days heat up, so can your dog. Stay vigilant to make sure they stay safe and healthy. Heatstroke (hyperthermia) is also known as overheating or heat exhaustion. Here are some things to look out for when the temps start to rise.

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Tiny Cricket Has a Big Fighting Spirit

First thing you notice about this pocket-sized kitten are his mesmerizing green eyes, if you can keep him still that is! Cricket may have a rare medical condition, but he also has the heart of a survivor and is ready to play.

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Donor Spotlight: Larry and Bonnie Grubler

“Since I work for a nonprofit myself, I realize how important it is to support an organization with a real cause that I believe in,” said Larry Grubler, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Transitional Services for New York. “The two causes I truly believe in are helping people with mental health issues and helping animals. I’ve been involved with North Shore Animal League America for many years. I’ve seen the amazing work you do and I have personal experience with the staff.”

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