Homeless Pets Arrive from Louisiana Following Hurricane Delta

North Shore Animal League America arranged a transport with PAWS4Life that would ultimately open up space in Bossier City Animal Control and other local shelters for animals that would need a haven after the latest devastating hurricane blew through the region. Hurricane Delta, the 10th named storm to make landfall in the United States in 2020, dropped more than 15 inches of rain in parts of Louisiana and Texas.

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Pet Diabetes: Learning the Facts Can Lead to Long and Happy Lives

Hearing a diagnosis of diabetes for a beloved pet often makes an owner feel despair. Rescue pets with diabetes also have a harder time finding homes. But diabetes in both dogs and cats is treatable. Here are some facts and information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of the disease so you can help your dog or cat live a quality life if they have diabetes or develop it.

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My Special-Needs Nuggets

If you think about it, all of my fosters have the same special need: the need for a loving home. But some face extra challenges too. By most standards, these cats and kittens are not “normal.” Something is “wrong.” Amazingly, they don’t seem to notice their differences.

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

For many of us, Halloween can be a ghostly good time. Candy, costumes and frights in the night can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, our pets don't necessarily agree. For them it can be a stressful night that causes anxiety. North Shore Animal League America would like to offer some Halloween safety tips so Read More

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Miracle Baby Lives Up to His Name

Looking at a photo of Miracle Baby’s tiny face in the plea for help to save his life, who could resist wanting to assist. Certainly not our Rescue Team, who answered Brooklyn Animal Care Center’s urgent appeal that stated he needed “nutritional support” and a place that could “monitor his temperature.” They immediately set up a transport to pick him up and bring him to North Shore Animal League America.

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A Dirty Dozen

Innocent animals fall victim to abuse and neglect every day, and usually at the hands of someone who is supposed to love and care for them.  If you suspect an animal is being abused, please contact your local SPCA or police department. North Shore Animal League America has put together this list of 12 things to look for to help you identify animal abuse and neglect.

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Forever in Our Hearts

Everyone who does animal rescue sooner or later encounters animal abuse. The horror and heartbreak are sickening. But we should not feel helpless in the face of it. Instead, we must speak up for the voiceless animals who suffer at the hands of sadists and monsters.

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Saving Pets’ Lives in the Wake of Hurricane Laura

As Hurricane Laura was developing into a real threat, our Emergency Rescue Team began reaching out to our partner shelters in Louisiana and Texas to see what help we could provide. As always, supplies were at the top of the list, and clearing the shelters of as many homeless dogs and cats as we could to make room for those that would be displaced from their homes and families by this devastating storm.

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Abandoned Kittens Find Hope

The staff waited expectantly as the lifesaving transport pulled onto North Shore Animal League America’s Port Washington, N.Y. campus on a weekday evening with 29 tiny kittens aboard, completing their journey to safety.Five of these innocent, young kittens had already been through so much hardship during their short lives. These babies had been abandoned with their mom when the tenant of a rural Virginia property just moved away and left them behind.

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Kitten Season 2020

Kitten Season sounds wonderful, but it is a tragic situation. It’s the time of year when thousands of unwanted litters of kittens are born. These kittens often find their way to overcrowded shelters where they are often euthanized. Others roam the streets in search of food and shelter, often being subject to illness and injury. Wolfie and Nicholas are two kittens whose stories could have been drastically different if they had not found their way to our Pet Health Centers.

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