Traveling Across the World to Find a New Life

North Shore Animal League America partnered, for the first time, with K9 Global Rescue to bring four dogs, rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm, to a new life in the United States where they will now become treasured pets. After more than 20 hours traveling by land and air, the dogs arrived at the airport and were met by our Rescue Team who then shepherded them through U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and brought them safely to our Port Washington, NY campus.

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Moving from Mississippi to a Better Life

North Shore Animal League America recently welcomed 36 dogs and puppies on a rescue transport from our newest shelter partner, Hub City Humane Society in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Among the weary travelers was Star, a new mama who was found as a stray in a field with her 11 newborn puppies.

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Building to Benefit Homeless Dogs and Cats

This summer, a group of high school students from Nassau BOCES and their instructor, Paul Eidle, came up with a great way to benefit both the dogs and the dog walkers on North Shore Animal League America’s Port Washington, N.Y. campus. As a project for their class, they built three large, sturdy wooden benches that could be put in two of the dog parks.

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Broken and Alone in the Adirondacks

An urgent call came in about a young kitten found in a backyard in the Adirondacks that couldn’t walk at all. The staff at the Adirondack Cat Rescue and Adoption Center, part of our North Country Initiative in Glens Falls, N.Y. went immediately to pick her up.

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A Visit from the Spouse of the Prime Minister of Japan, Akie Abe

On September 25, 2019, North Shore Animal League America was proud to host the Prime Minister of Japan's wife, Akie Abe, at our Port Washington, N.Y. campus. Mrs. Abe is interested in animal rescue and education, and wished to learn more about this and come for a visit while she was in New York City for the United Nations Assembly.

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The Vision Becomes Reality

I can’t tell you what it means to me to see the vision for Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center come to life on the North Shore Animal League America campus in Port Washington, NY. I have been amazed by the beauty and functionality of the new center during my visits there. We’re so close to opening and I’m so eager to be a part of the celebration, but more importantly I am so thankful that this will enable Animal League America to save even more lives—both cats and dogs.

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Hurricane Dorian Rescue Efforts

Our Rescue Team arrived back at our Port Washington, NY, campus late Sunday afternoon with more than 50 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that were saved from the path of Hurricane Dorian and possible euthanasia. Staff and volunteers waited to comfort them and offer food, water, bedding and quiet places where they could rest after their long journey.

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Hurricane Dorian Relief

As Hurricane Dorian continues it's path toward the Florida coast, our Emergency Rescue Team is preparing to provide relief in any way possible. You can help by donating much needed supplies that will be brought to our shelter partners affected by this devastating storm.

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Collaborative Rescue Saves 42 Dogs & Puppies

North Shore Animal League America partnered again with the Georgia Coalition and rescued 42 puppies and dogs just in the nick of time from five overcrowded, rural shelters, where they faced euthanasia. This rescue transport was also welcomed home at our Port Washington, NY campus by volunteers from our corporate partner The New York Mets.

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A First Step Towards Humane Laws for Felines

I knew there was another reason I love living in New York! New York has banned the brutal practice of cat declawing. Words cannot even express how very happy I am that no more cats will suffer needlessly.

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