National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black cats have been at the center of superstitions and folklore for centuries. They bring bad luck. They’re evil. They’re witches – too often these silly myths have caused potential adopters to overlook black cats as they wait to find responsible, loving homes. At North Shore Animal League America we realize the color of an Read More

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Back to School Tips: Leaving Your Pet at Home

The hurried rush of back-to-school and shorter days means families are spending more time focused on school work and active schedules. That may mean leaving your furry friends at home alone more often.  Now is an important time to incorporate your recently adopted dog, cat, puppy or kitten in the family's new routine. Read More

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A Month of Kittens and Wishes

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes events in a single month can grab your attention and help you see what really matters in life. That was the kind of month I just had, and I want to tell you about it. I’ll begin with a cat. (Big surprise, right?) She — or I should Read More

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Dr. Mark Verdino – From Wall Street to Woof Street

For a young man growing up in a family steeped in a lineage of Wall Street professionals, following in their footsteps seemed like a storybook timeline. But not for North Shore Animal League America’s Vice President and Chief of Veterinary Staff, Dr. Mark Verdino. It didn’t take long for him to realize that a life of cash-flow statements, profit projections and financial reports would never provide the sense of fulfillment he desired from his life’s work.

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Summer Pet Safety Tips

The official start to the summer is upon us and this “fun in the sun” season also happens to bring with it some hazards – especially for our pets. To make sure your pet’s summer season is as fun and safe as possible, North Shore Animal League America would like to share these important Read More

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Animal League America and National Mill Dog Rescue Team Up to Save Lives

Last month 52 brave dogs and puppies, rescued from the deplorable conditions of a puppy mill, arrived at our Port Washington, N.Y. campus. Thanks to a collaborative rescue effort with National Mill Dog Rescue, a Colorado based non-profit organization that has rescued 12,000 animals from commercial breeding facilities since its inception in 2007, these deserving Read More

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When Being A Senior Means Being Perfect

There are all kinds of reasons senior pets find themselves in shelters, and 90 percent of those reasons have nothing to do with the pets. And there are all kinds of reasons senior pets make fantastic companions, and 100 percent of those reasons have everything to do with the pets. I’ve been thinking a Read More

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