Helping Pets Deal with Post COVID-19 Changes in Daily Routines

In a post COVID-19 world many families are facing more schedule changes as parents prepare to go back to work and children to camp, and back to school. How do you help prepare your pets so it will be less stressful for them? First, remember that all cats and dogs are individuals and what causes stress for some, may not cause stress for others. Here are some general suggestions from our pet behavior experts.

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Half Off Adoption Fees for All Cats & Kittens

Now is the purr-fect time to adopt a cat! For a limited time we're reducing our adoption fees for all cats and kittens 50%.* All adoptions will be by appointment only following our social distancing protocols. View our adoptable felines and find your new best friend.

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Pets and Fireworks Safety

For some reason, this year’s neighborhood fireworks displays, involving unpredictable loud booms, crackles, whistles, and flashing lights, seem to have begun even earlier than the Fourth of July. While some people are enjoying the spectacles, their pets can be in panic mode. It’s widely known that more pets run away on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. So how do you help your pets during an entire summer season of fireworks displays?

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Rescue Pup Graduates as Trained Service Dog

Benji, recruited from puppies saved by North Shore Animal League America from an overcrowded shelter, is the first graduating service dog for Putnam Service Dogs.  He gives a new meaning to the phrase “second chances” — Benji the rescue dog is going on to a life dedicated to assisting a person with disabilities other than blindness.

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Devoted Chihuahuas Rescued from Texas Find “Perfect” Home

When Little Man and Bella, a pair of bonded Chihuahuas, came to North Shore Animal League on a rescue transport from Texas they had no idea their world was changing for the better. After a short time as office fosters, where they learned to trust and socialize, these devoted siblings soon found themselves in their perfect home.

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Riding the Rescue Roller Coaster

This is Bubba, my new boyfriend, my current crush, the ONE…at least for now…because by the time you read this I might well have another new boyfriend. Just before Bubba, it was Jerome. And before Jerome, there were others, many others. I can’t help myself.

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In Memoriam: Isaboo

Like her millions of fans across the country, we at North Shore Animal League America are holding Rachael Ray and her husband, John Cusimano, close to our hearts as they mourn the death of their cherished Pit Bull, Isaboo, who died on May 20, 2020.

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