Memorial Day Weekend Adoption Special

Our Port Washington, NY Adoption Center is filled with amazing dogs looking to find responsible, loving homes. As we wrap up Global Pet Adoptathon® month we’re offering 50% off adoption fees for all dogs 4 months and older this Memorial Day weekend at our Port Washington, NY campus.

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Spring Gardening and Pet Safety

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to get back outside and spruce up those garden beds and lawns. Time in the garden can be a wonderful hobby, but it’s very important to be mindful of the types of plants you are using when your four-legged friends are also out enjoying the spring air. Many plants, plant foods and fertilizers can be toxic to your pets. Ask yourself these questions when planning your garden so you both can enjoy it all season long.

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Optimism is Action

Being an optimist is hard work. But deep down, and despite the heartbreaking emails waiting in my inbox every morning, I believe that for every cruel person in this world, there are countless others who are kind, caring, and compassionate. This is especially true in animal welfare, where so many good people stand together to fight animal cruelty in all its ugly forms.

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Texas Flood Relief

Our shelter partner, SPCA of Polk County, Texas, is facing the aftermath and clean-up of damage caused by the recent severe flooding. Supplies are hard to come by in this area. They need our help! North Shore Animal League America’s Emergency Rescue Team is collecting relief supplies to be distributed to this shelter in the wake of this unprecedented flooding.

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Springtime Brings Hope and Healing for Commercial Breeding Rescues

On a crisp spring morning, the North Shore Animal League America’s Mobile Rescue Unit arrived carrying 43 dogs and puppies saved from commercial breeding facilities throughout the Midwest. The canines, mostly seniors, were subjected to lives of neglect and hardship, but now have a second chance to experience love and kindness.

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Help Stop Animal Cruelty in The Bronx

In the world of animal welfare, there are always battles to be fought on behalf of innocent creatures. One of our shelter partners, Little Wanderers NYC, has been fighting a battle for years to put an end to a horrific culture of abuse right in their own community in the Bronx. Learn how you can help put an end to this cruelty and have your voice heard!

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Richard Cogan

With a heart full of love for animals and a desire to make a difference, Richard Cogan has been part of North Shore Animal League America’s mission since 2022. His journey into volunteering with the organization stems from a personal connection to both the cause and the furry companions he serves.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Enya Sakhrani

From an early age, Enya knew she wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps and volunteer at North Shore Animal League America, but first she had to wait until she turned 16. Now she is enrolled in our VolunTEEN program and loving every minute of it.

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April is the Coolest Month

The best things about volunteering happen in the quiet moments when you do something for someone and realize without being thanked or recognized that what you did made life a little sweeter, easier, and safer for another. Sometimes volunteers save lives; sometimes they enrich lives. But honestly, whatever you give is nothing compared to the satisfaction and sense of purpose you receive in return.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Michiko Hashimoto

Since 2012, Michiko has given her time to benefit the well-being of our felines at North Shore Animal League America. Michiko’s love for cats began during her childhood in Japan, with a mischievous four-legged companion who stole her heart. Michiko was devastated when her parents gave the cat away, but miraculously her beloved pet escaped and found his way home; cementing her lifelong passion for cats and the enduring bonds we form with them.

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