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Meet the Pet Trainers


Mike Malloy

Manager, Animal Rescue and Behavior Services

Mike has been with the Animal League nearly ten years.  He brings over twenty-five years of animal related experience.  Prior to joining the Animal League, Mike was actively involved with the Suffolk County Obedience Training Club and in showing dogs throughout the eastern United States in obedience and conformation.  Mike’s natural ability to connect with animals has been utilized by the Animal League during natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and large scale rescue operations.  He is part of the League’s emergency response team and has traveled to various states to rescue and transport animals in distress.  Mike has developed individual training protocols for thousands of dogs in the care of the Animal League throughout the years and has successfully rehabilitated many challenging behavior problems.

Have a Dog Behavioral Question? Ask Mike!

Dorit Shevach

Cat Trainer, North Shore Animal League America

Dorit has been with the Animal League nearly ten years and has a wealth of hands-on feline experience.  Throughout the years, Dorit has honed her skills in various areas of cat handling and behavior.  She is responsible for writing and implementing individual feline behavior protocols for the cats in the care of the Animal League.  In addition, Dorit provides guidance to Animal League feline adopters both pre and post adoption.  She has successfully rehabilitated hundreds of cats with behavior challenges throughout her years at the Animal League.

Have a Cat Behavioral Question? Ask Dorit!

Isabelle Hamel

Head Trainer and Behavior Consultant

“In Memoriam”

The Animal League is deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend and Head Trainer, Isabelle Hamel.

Isabelle was a seasoned professional with nearly 30 years of animal related experience. Her expansive career included her own dog training and behavior service, where she trained service dogs for people with disabilities. This led her to become the New York regional representative for Paws With A Cause, a service which trains assistance dogs nationally for people with disabilities and provides lifetime team support. Isabelle conducted many educational seminars and appeared on various acclaimed TV spots including Good Day New York and the WB Morning Show. Isabelle was also a regular guest speaker for various professional organizations throughout the tri-state area.

Here at the Animal League, Isabelle set impeccable standards evaluating the behavior and temperaments of dogs in the shelter as well as new animals entering the shelter. Isabelle worked directly with the pet behavior team, the adoption counselors and potential adopters to prevent pre-adoption problem behaviors and to coach post-adoption scenarios. She wrote and developed the Training and Behavior Guidelines Manual, which is a vital instructional manual used to support the adoption programs at the Animal League including the rehabilitation of large-scale mill dog rescues.

Isabelle not only made a difference in countless animals’ lives, she touched the lives of everyone she met. The Animal League feels extremely fortunate to have known and worked with her. She will be dearly missed.