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Meet the Pet Trainers

Bobbie Bhambree, CPDT-KA

Director of Pet Behavior

Bobbie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant with over thirteen years of experience in animal welfare. As Director of Pet Behavior, Bobbie strives to enrich the lives of all the animals in our care with individual training protocols to help find them all responsible, loving homes. Prior to joining Animal League America Bobbie worked with the ASPCA, Humane Society of Westchester and the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter. Bobbie has also worked in private practice throughout her career, helping people across the full spectrum of canine behavioral issues, and providing a multitude of time tested, sustainable tools and strategies to improve their dog's behavior.

Dorit Shevach-Shani

Feline Behavioral Specialist and Enrichment Manager

Dorit has been with the North Shore Animal League America for over 16 years and has a wealth of hands-on feline experience. Throughout the years, Dorit has honed her skills in various areas of cat handling and behavior, and is responsible for writing and implementing individual feline behavior protocols for all the cats in our care. Dorit is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, and has successfully rehabilitated thousands of cats with behavior challenges throughout her years at Animal League America. In addition, as our Feline Enrichment Manager, Dorit ensures that all felines in the shelter experience the most happy and stable environment while they wait for their forever homes. Dorit also helps match potential adopters to the perfect cat or kitten for their home and family.

Erica Knors

Canine Enrichment Manager

Erica has been with North Shore Animal League America since 2010, first joining on as a volunteer, then transitioning into a kennel associate, and eventually a trainer. Currently she is Animal League America’s Canine Enrichment Manager. In her current position she is responsible for providing enrichment activities (play, relaxation, brain games, etc.) to our canines.

“I love seeing progress when training dogs, making placements, and providing comfort for the dogs having a hard time adjusting. My favorite thing is a tired dog. I love to see them play hard, work hard, then sleep hard!”

Tracy Mesisca

Dog Trainer

Tracy has been with North Shore Animal League America since 2014. She’s worked in animal welfare for seven years, previously with Bobbi and the Strays [Queens/Long Island Animal Adoption Center]. After working in accounting for most of her adult life, she began working with animals professionally after her first rescue pet needed some extra love and care with his behavior. The experience training her own dog helped Tracy realize her true calling.

“I love working with the more challenging cases because it’s very rewarding when you see them make progress. I also love running play groups, and I try to treat all of the animals here like they are my own.”

Brittany Savine

Dog Trainer

Hired in December of 2016, Brittany is the newest member of North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Behavior team. Having worked as a bather, a dog walker, dog park attendant, a dog sitter, and most recently, a trainer, Brittany brings a vast skill set to the department.

“I have always loved animals. I'm the person who asks everyone if I can pet their dog every time I see one, so having the opportunity to work here is a dream come true. My favorite part of working with animals is that once you gain their trust they love you unconditionally, and of course the feeling is mutual.”

Jennifer Workman

Cat Trainer

Jennifer joined the Animal League America Pet Behavior Team in 2014. Before beginning a career in animal welfare in 2011, working for various cat rescues, Petco, and the Bronx Zoo, she worked as a peer educator, working closely with non-for profit organizations to promote education on various topics.

“As a young girl I always had dreams to be a sea lion trainer. I always knew I would end up working with animals in some fashion. Each day I aspire to learn new techniques and ideas to improve the lives of every animal I work with. My favorite part of the job his learning the unique personality traits of the animals.”

Sonia Saakian

Dog Trainer

Sonia has been with North Shore Animal League America since 2013. Always having a passion for companion animals, she began her professional career in animal welfare in 2007 as a grooming assistant at Petco. Sonia then had the opportunity to apprentice as a dog trainer, where she would go on to instruct obedience classes for several years. In 2009, she joined Bobbi & the Strays [Queens/Long Island Animal Adoption Center], where she would work for four years, ending as a kennel manager.

“My favorite part of working with animals is being able to make a positive impact in their lives. I love working with fearful dogs and experiencing those little moments of when they slowly learn to trust again.”

Nat Miguel

Dog Trainer

Nat has been with the North Shore Animal League America since 2016. He began his career in animal welfare in 2013 as a kennel tech with Sean Casey Animal Rescue and as a dog walker with Woofs and Whisker. From there he moved to New Rochelle Humane Society where he worked as a kennel tech and an adoption counselor. Nat would go on to become the head trainer at Petco, before being hired at Animal League America in 2016.

“I absolutely love creating a means of communication with the animals through training. Getting a dog to be operant, and helping their owners to better read what their dog is trying to communicate is the most gratifying part of the job.”

Dana Seyfried

Dog Trainer

Dana first came to North Shore Animal League America more than seven years ago as a volunteer. In 2016, she joined the Pet Behavior team, working closely with the animals enrolled in our Foster Care Program. When she’s not working, Dana is fostering animals who need extra personalized care to develop into highly adoptable shelter pets. Dana says she has a soft spot for deaf and fearful dogs.

Susan Cullinan

Dog Trainer

Sue Cullinan has been working with reactive and aggressive dogs in her private practice and with breed rescues for the past several years in New Jersey, and Orange, Rockland and Westchester counties. As part of her lifelong learning, she has been certified through Karen Pryor Academy (with distinction) as a trainer using positive reinforcement to train and shape behavior. She also is a credentialed member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is a Shelter Affiliate, specializing in the behavior issues common to shelter and rescue dogs. She has now joined North Shore Animal League America's Pet Behavior Department and is focused on working with adopted dogs who need extra help as well as currently unavailable dogs who need behavior modification before being adopted.