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September 2012 - National Rescue - 90+ Puppies Saved

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Beautiful Mutt-i-gree Pups Are Ready for Adoption This Weekend

On Wednesday, September 19, North Shore Animal League America’s Transporter Van brought 26 puppies to the safety of our Adoption Headquarters in Port Washington, NY.

The Mutt-i-gree pups, which range in age from 8 – 12 weeks, were medically evaluated, vaccinated and placed for adoption. We estimate that most will eventually grow to anywhere between about 40 – 80 pounds. They will be up for adoption beginning Saturday, September 21.

The rescue was a result of our partnership with Pawmetto Lifeline of Columbia, SC, a non-profit animal rescue group that shares our mission to save innocent, homeless animals from euthanasia and find them permanent, loving homes.

Our partnership with Pawmetto began in October 2011, when they reached out to us to support their rescue efforts. The two shelters that serve Pawmetto’s region have extremely high kill rates, with more than 19,000 of the 23,000 dogs and cats who enter each year being put to death. The majority of these are happy, healthy animals who would make wonderful companions.

Since late 2011, our Transporter Van has brought hundreds of puppies and dogs from Pawmetto back to the safety of the Animal League America campus, where they were adopted by carefully screened families and individuals.

“The monthly transport has been a blessing to so many families who couldn’t afford to keep an unwanted litter,” says Wendy Engel, Transport Director at Pawmetto. “They don’t want to see the puppies euthanized.”

In just three days this week, Animal League America rescued more than 90 puppies from the South through our partnerships with Pawmetto, Precious Friends in Tennessee, and The SPCA of Martinsville-Henry County, Virginia.

Most of the puppies are now available for adoption at the Animal League’s headquarters in Port Washington, New York.

To learn more about adopting from North Shore Animal League America, click here.

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