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Meet Patch

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May 27, 2011 Update: Patch’s rehabilitation has been successful thanks to our loyal donors and foster care program. He is currently in a foster home however, he is looking to be adopted into a permanent home.

Patch loves to takes walks and play, and would like to be adopted into a home with one person - preferably female. Patch also prefers to be in a home with no children or other pets. If you’re interested in adopting Patch, please email

Update: Patch recently underwent intensive leg surgery. Because of a previous trauma that was neglected in a hoarder home, Patch’s Achilles tendon was severed and deemed irreparable. Unfortunately, his leg needed to be removed.

Thanks to your support, the Help Me Heal Program was able to give Patch the operation and aftercare he needed. The surgery was a success and Patch is currently recovering in a foster care home that the Animal League provided. He is taking things slowly and adjusting very well. He is still under the Animal League’s medical care, and we know he will be ready for adoption in no time.


Help Patch Heal from Severe Neglect 

The Animal League rescued Patch, a Shih Tzu, who came from a hoarder house, where he had been severely neglected. These hoarder animals usually lack medical care, proper nutrition and are often neglected.

The Animal League placed him in the life-saving Help Me Heal Program, which cares for animals that are injured or ill – animals that may not have survived elsewhere. The neglect Patch suffered caused extensive injuries, including a ruptured Achilles tendon. Patch's injury is in his left hind leg and we suspect that he suffered a severe trauma. Patch is uncomfortable and walks with his hock (the joint in the hind leg) on the ground.

Unfortunately, after thorough examination, Animal League veterinarians concluded that Patch’s tendon is irreparable, and he will need to have his leg amputated. This will take months of treatment and recovery time as he will need bed rest, medication, restricted activity, physical therapy and constant monitoring.

Patch is very lucky to be alive. Many shelters would not have been able to give him a second chance. But the Help Me Heal Program, supported by generous donors, is helping Patch get the surgery and care he needs to be well.

You can be a big part of Patch’s recovery. When you support the Help Me Heal Program, you’re providing Patch and many other ill or injured animals the help they so desperately need. Please contribute today.


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