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My Name is Samson...

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My name is Samson and I’m 6 weeks old. Just recently, the Animal League rescued me and placed me in their Help Me Heal Program. It’s a good thing, too, because I desperately needed their help. I have suffered severe trauma to both my back legs. I couldn’t walk at all and the pain was intense.

Luckily my right leg was able to be repaired, but the injury to my left leg was too severe, and it had to be removed.

An amputation on a kitten as little as me is very delicate. It’s a serious surgery that requires extensive healing. This operation will change my entire life. I will have to re-learn to do many things. I will have to learn how to properly distribute my weight and I’ll have to learn how to balance again. Speed and agility will take some time and practice, and I’ll have to keep my weight down to prevent additional stress to my limbs.

Fortunately, the Animal League’s Help Me Heal Program is ensuring that I get exactly what I need to be well. Not only will I receive medical care, I’ll also get the emotional and psychological therapy I need to be happy and healthy.

The Animal League doesn’t just stop at getting me healed either. Once I’m ready and back on my paws, they will find me a home just right for me - where I’ll be safe and loved.

I’m so grateful to the Help Me Heal Program and to all of you who support it. Because of your love and generosity, me and countless animals just like me will receive the care and love we wouldn’t get elsewhere. Without your generosity, sick or injured animals like me probably wouldn’t survive.

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