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Sweet Tovah has Found Home Sweet Home

September 5, 2014: This lovable girl who came to us in late December, weighing a mere 45 pounds after being found abandoned in the freezing cold, is now healthy, happy and loving life in her new home. Tovah's new mom Emilia says, "She loves her home, runs around in the backyard and cuddles with me in my bed at night. She eats well and likes to watch TV with me. The best dog in the world!”

This story had a happy ending thanks to the generous supporters of our Help Me Heal Program. Your donations make it possible for us to help pets like Tovah get that second chance that they truly deserve. A chance to be loved and live happily ever after.

Tovah Is Back on Her Feet and Ready for Her Warm, Cozy Home!

In the months since we rescued Tovah, we’ve been thrilled to watch as she continued to make remarkable progress.

The poor, neglected dog, who came to us emaciated and so weak she couldn’t even stand up, had been found abandoned in the freezing cold, her bones protruding through her skin.

When we first brought Tovah from a local municipal shelter to the safety of our no-kill campus at the end of December, she weighed a mere 45 pounds. She had chronic diarrhea that didn’t respond to the standard medications, and our veterinary experts were concerned that she might have inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD.

But we were determined to make sure her story had a happy ending, and we entered her in our Help Me Heal program, in which generous animal lovers help us fund the care of sickly, neglected and abused animals.

After many rounds of tests, including an intestinal biopsy, we were relieved to discover that Tovah wasn’t suffering from IBD. With continued care, Tovah began to respond to medication, and she started to gradually gain weight.

Today, Tovah is a healthy 61 pounds, and the sweet girl  is feeling terrific. She’s in such good shape that she’s ready to head home with her perfect match!

“All of us are totally in love with dog,” says Jenn, one of our Shelter Managers. “She’s so sweet and friendly, and loves to roll over and get belly rubs.”

Tovah would do best in a home with children 12 or over, since she loves to jump. She also wants to be the queen of her castle, so no other dogs or cats, please.

If you are interested in adopting this deserving dog, please contact Vincent Buscemi at, (516) 883-7900, ext. 467.

Tovah's Story

When animal rescue workers from a town municipal shelter found this poor dog, she was all alone in the freezing cold, nearly starved to death. Her bones jutted out under her filthy coat, and her elbows were covered with painful sores. She didn’t have the energy to stand, let alone walk.

How did this innocent animal end up in such a horrible condition? We will never know for sure if she was lost or deliberately left alone to die.

But whatever caused her pain, with your help, this story will have a happy ending. The town shelter had provided the dog, whom they’d named Tovah, with food and a warm place to lay her head, but they lacked the resources to provide her with the extensive medical care she needs. They reached out to North Shore Animal League America, knowing that we would answer the call.

We brought Tovah to our Medical Center, where our veterinary team provided her with medication to immediately relieve her pain. She has an upper respiratory infection, and we suspect that she may also be suffering from some more serious intestinal conditions. We are conducting several rounds of testing, including an intestinal biopsy, to determine the proper course of treatment.

Despite the trauma she has suffered, Tovah has won the hearts of everyone on our staff. Her sweet, soulful eyes convey the sweetness of her spirit, and we are determined to return her to full health.

Won’t you please help us give this precious dog, and other animals in need like her, the treatment she needs to have a full, happy life?

Tovah has already gained several pounds, but she has a long way to go. Once Tovah is back on her feet, we promise to find her the kind of home every dog deserves—filled with plenty of food, playtime and, most important, love.

Thank you for making the difference for Tovah and every dog, cat, puppy or kitten in our care.

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