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Benefits of Senior Pet Adoption

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With more than 350 adoptable animals at our Port Washington, N.Y., campus at any time, there’s no question the perfect senior pet is here waiting for the day when he or she can take that long awaited car ride to their new home and feel the cool breeze in their fur as they enjoy a new chapter in their lives. There’s no debating that an adorable puppy or kitten can put a smile on your face that extends from ear to ear, but a dog or cat in its golden years can do the same thing, while also making the pet parenting process much easier.

Animal League America Supervising Veterinarian, Dr. Marina Tejada, who has a special place in her heart for the senior pets in our shelter awaiting their second chance, says there are many perks to adding an older pet to your family.

Sophisticated Seniors
Unlike their youthful counterparts, senior pets tend to have better manners, cutting down the amount of time and energy training takes. Most are housebroken and know basic commands. In case you’re wondering, you can definitely teach old dogs new tricks.

Less Mischief, More Calm
It’s no secret puppies and kittens like to play with everything! Unless you’re careful your new pair of shoes or your potted plants can become their new play-thing. Older pets are less destructive, instead they are more disciplined and focused.

No More Guesswork
Choosing an older pet takes out a lot of the guesswork of choosing the right animal for your lifestyle and home. Older pets have already reached their adult weight and have established their temperament, so finding your perfect match is a snap!

Companions for Anyone AND Everyone
Senior pets make great companions for young and older pet owners alike. Because their size, temperament, and energy level is well established, an owner of any age will find the right companion for them.

Effortless Relaxation
It is well -proven that owning a pet is relaxing and calming. It even lowers blood pressure!  Senior pets tend to have a calmer, mellow attitude. Meaning your time with your senior pet, is a relaxing session from the beginning, no need to expend a puppy’s energy to get them calm.

Full of Wisdom
A rescued senior pet seem to know that they were given a second chance. They develop an instant sense of devotion and loyalty to their new owners. When you adopt a senior pet, you’re gaining a grateful and faithful companion

Overlooked No More
Senior pets are often over-looked in shelters. No senior pet should spend their golden years in a cage. They deserve a home where they can spend the rest of their lives being spoiled and given the attention and love they so rightfully deserve. By adopting a senior pet, you gain the satisfaction of knowing that you have provided them another opportunity to live the life they deserve.

Here are just a few of the SUPER SENIORS we have here at Animal League America!

Bhaja, #H180276
After 13 years in a home, Bhaja suddenly found herself homeless, and was brought to our adoption center for safety. This gentle lady misses the peace and predictability of her old life. If you have a place for her in your heart for a special needs senior, please consider offering Bhaja a peaceful retirement. A home with no young children or other pets is exactly what she craves.

If you're interested in learning more about Bhaja, contact Dorit Shani at

Alice, #PM021
Everyone loves a puppy, but let's not forget our seniors. Alice is a 14-year-old Puppy Mill survivor looking to spend her golden years in a responsible, loving home. This beautiful Cocker Spaniel can be a little shy when meeting new people because of her past, but once she feels safe and loved, you'll see just how sweet this little lady really is. If her multi-colored eyes don't steal your heart, her quiet, calm demeanor will. She'd do best in a quiet home with children 12 years old and up.
Contact Rachael Rudman at to learn more about Alice.

Courtney, #D41165
Courtney is a lovely, quiet senior who longs to be back in a home lounging with her humans. Somewhat shy to new situations, she warms up with reassurance from people she trusts. She's experienced a lot of change in her life recently. We'd love to find her a steady, comfortable place to call hers. She's happiest when she's the only pet in her home.
If you're interested in learning more about Courtney, contact Dorit Shani at

Tovah, #H180276
Tovah is a sweet senior who originally came to North Shore Animal League America as a member of our Help Me Heal Program. Once in tip-top shape she was quickly adopted, but due to a recent military deployment her pet parent had to bring her back in the hopes we could find her a new home. This lovable girl is a real "people-dog" and makes friends everywhere she goes. Tovah is housebroken and handles well on leash walks. She does love to be the queen of the castle, so a single pet home would be best. Come meet this amazing mutt-i-gree today - one belly rub and you'll have a friend for life.
Contact Rachael Rudman at to learn more about Tovah.

Charlie, #H207724
Charlie is a senior cat who found himself homeless when the shop he lived in closed up. We scooped him up to safety and he has been residing in our offices as we monitor his health. For a teenaged cat with medical issues, this plucky guy runs the show and has become a bit of a mascot to our staff. We are looking for a special hospice foster or adopter for this outgoing friend because we believe Charlie deserves to spend his senior years in the lap of a loving companion.
If you're interested in learning more about Charlie, contact Dorit Shani at

Apollo, #T68478
Apollo is our gentle giant, a big dog with a big heart to match. This friendly boy is looking for an active household to run around and relax in. Apollo is housebroken, would be good with kids 16 and older, and loves a good belly rub. While he does have some special needs, and seeks guidance on leash walks, Apollo is very smart and knows basic commands, like 'sit' and 'down'. Because of Apollo's size and energy, potential adopters must have prior dog ownership experience. Come to Animal League America and visit him today!
Contact Rachael Rudman at to learn more about Apollo.

Lucky, #BF1068
Lucky fell on hard times when his owner passed away. Through our rescue network, we discovered him and brought him to our adoption center for safety. This senior spent his whole life in his tranquil home, but has made a nice adjustment to living with us. He has some minor medical needs, and we’re seeking a home where he can live his life back in the lap of someone who loves him. Lucky is looking for a quiet home, and would do well with children 12-years and older.
If you're interested in learning more about Lucky, contact Jessica Uster at


Find these and more Super Seniors at our Port Washington, NY Adoption Center.