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Senior Dog Finds Her Loving Home

When North Shore Animal League America staff member Gail McIntyre first saw Lou Ann, she immediately was drawn to the beautiful senior dog. Lou Ann had been rescued by Animal League America, along with many other dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, during the devastation from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. As with all of the animals we rescue, we found Lou Ann a wonderful home with a loving adopter.

Sadly, earlier this year Lou Ann’s adopter passed away, and the dog was returned to the safety of our no-kill shelter. Gail decided that Lou Ann would be the perfect dog to take under her wing as part of our volunteer Buddy Dogs program.

Gail tells the story:

“I was introduced to Lou Ann about seven months ago, and since she’s a senior pet and I’m a senior myself, it was a good match.

Lou Ann was very housebroken and knew how to sit, yet I was having trouble training her to give me her paw. My most special moment with her was one morning when I brought her back to her run in the shelter and knelt down in front of her. I started to cry because I was afraid she might never find the right home.

Lou Ann actually put her paw on my shoulder; when I looked up at her, she was looking into my eyes as if to say, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be all right.” After that day, she would give me her paw with no hesitation and eventually would lie down on command, too.

I bought her a medallion and had it engraved with her name in the hope that it would bring her good luck.”

Whether the medallion actually gave her luck, we’ll never know, but the good news is that it wasn’t long after that Lou Ann found her family with Augie and Jeanne, who were happy to adopt a senior like themselves.

When Augie came to Animal League America looking for a dog, he knew a puppy wasn’t a great fit. “We are both seniors, and although I had a dog when I was a kid, I haven’t had one since my wife and I got married 35 years ago.”

Augie’s wife, Jeanne, has Multiple Sclerosis, and so Augie decided that an active, high-energy dog would not fit their lifestyle. Augie had seen Lou Ann’s photo on our website, and when he finally met her, she sealed the deal with a kiss.

“When the adoption associate brought her over to me, she came right up and licked my nose,” says Augie. “She laid on the bench next to me, put her head on my shoulder, and then rolled over to show me her belly. It was like I knew the dog my whole life.”

Since she’s joined Augie and Jeanne, Lou Ann has made herself right at home, staying close to the couple at all times. She was so attached at first that she suffered from separation anxiety and cried whenever she was left alone, but she now realizes that she has found her permanent home and doesn’t get fearful when Augie or Jeanne head out. “She realizes that we’ll always come back,” says Augie.

Lou Ann is especially fond of her regular daily walks, which Augie says have been a great benefit to him, too. “I no longer have to go on the treadmill, since we walk together a mile or more each day.”

Everyone at Animal League America congratulates Augie and Jeanne on their adoption! Thank you for saving the life of this senior girl!

Free Adoptions of Adult Animals for Seniors

Lou Ann was adopted as part of our Seniors for Seniors Program, which matches adult dogs and cats with caring senior adopters.

Adopters 60 or older who adopt an adult pet (one year or older) from Animal League America qualify for these great benefits:

  • No adoption fee
  • Two free groomings annually
  • 10% off all products at the our Pet Store
  • Benefits at the Medical Center only:
    • No exam or medical co-pay within the first 15 days after the animal is adopted
    • Free annual vaccinations
    • Free semi-annual wellness exam (If additional procedures or diagnostics are needed, the adopter is referred to the Pet Health Center)
    • Discount on preventative procedures
    • Discount on diagnostic tests (lab report, screening tests)
    • No charge for the following procedures:
      • CBC Differential SMA
      • Thyroid Profile
      • Urinalysis
  • All other tests provided at the Medical Center will be provided at just 10% above our cost
  • Discounted micro-chipping ($15 to inject, $15 registration)

To learn more about this program, please visit or email