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When I began fostering felines with North Shore Animal League America more than two years ago, I felt like everyone feels in the presence of adorable, helpless, wide-eyed kittens. A part of me wanted to keep them all. And my Instagram followers were always there to tempt me: “You can’t let Buddy go? He loves you so much!” or “I’ve never seen a cuter kitten than Gidget. You’re going to keep her, right?”

Sorry, but no. I’m not going to keep them, because each one deserves a perfect home of his or her own. Of course it’s hard... Read more...

Last spring in Abilene, Texas, a little cat named Cookie stole my heart — though I’ve never been to Abilene and never even met this cute bobtail.

Here’s how it happened: For several years, more than 20 shelters and rescue groups from all over West Texas have brought their adoptable pets to Rescue the Animals SPCA, in Abilene for our annual Tour For Life®.

Last year, during our first day in Abilene, 75 pets found new homes. On day two, the... Read more...

Preventable Heartbreak

Posted by on March 11, 2016

Kitten Season: Bright-Eyed and Desperate

Sometimes I look at one of my nuggets and wonder, how is this real? How could anything this beautiful, this vulnerable, this defenseless and eager for life be truly real?

And then I remember…it’s kitten season, the time of year when millions of these little miracles appear everywhere, huddling on city streets and country roads — abandoned, orphaned, injured — inundating shelters where they’re often euthanized for lack of resources and space.

Kitten season — two words...

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