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Beth's New Addition: Leon Bear

Posted by on August 24, 2011

Photo by Howard Stern

We adopted this wonderful new family member from the Animal League just a few weeks ago.

Leon Bear, an 18-pound big boy kitty, survived the recent tornadoes in Alabama. A true survivor! During an Emergency Rescue back in June, NSALA helped save displaced animals and this big black bear kitty was one of the lucky animals that were transported back to the Animal League.

Leon Bear was first introduced to me as I was taping the new Mutt-i-grees Movement PSA. I also remember seeing him in the recovery room, as he was recuperating from pneumonia—a big fluff of a black cat. I held him in my arms and whispered in his ear that I would be back once I asked the other members of my family for the "ok". I rushed home that day and told my husband about him.

I waited a few weeks for the call from Dorit Shevach-Shani, the cat behaviorist at NSALA (she's amazing and has so much information to share).  I was so excited when she told me that my big black bear of a kitty was all better and ready to go home. Leon Bear arrived at the Stern household, and I can happily report that he quickly made himself right at home.

He is a big mush of love!  Bianca, the bulldog, accepted him immediately and Walter is obsessed with him (Walter was the second kitty that I adopted from NSALA, and Walter is celebrating his 1 year anniversary of joining our family).  Walter grooms Leon Bear daily and loves to just hang out with him and observe him.

We do have just one little obstacle…and her name is Apple (our first kitty adopted from NSALA).  Apple is still a bit nervous around Leon Bear, but she’s running away from him like she did when they first met.  Apple ran when she first met Walter too.   I learned from Dorit that the hierarchy in a cat household is determined by size, and Leon is twice the size as Princess Apple.  She has come around over the last year and has grown very attached to Walter, so I have high hopes that the relationship between Apple and Leon will blossom as well.

Right now, as I’m typing, I have Bianca and Leon at my feet and Walter resting on the back of the couch I’m sitting on.  Apple is watching us from the other room and I love my household being filled with such beautiful, special creatures.

It’s just 10 minutes later.  We just had an earthquake and our entire house trembled.  Bianca jumped up, Walter meowed and hopped on my lap, and Apple ran for her life.  I look down at my feet and Leon Bear is still in his deep, deep sleep.  He survived a tornado in Alabama and it seems as though an earthquake is nothing to him!  Sleep my little Leon Bear, sleep.  You have a home.  And we love you so much.

XOXO Beth Stern

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Submitted by jean on: March 27, 2012
i bought beth's calendar and my favorite is this photo of beth and leon bear. the whole calendar is beautiful i don't want to write on it. NSAL does an outstanding job with the animals and Beth is an inspiration for me to do more. thanks beth


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