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Can I get my money back from a pet store who fails to produce paperwork?


I bought an English bulldog puppy in January of 2013 and now 6 months later the store has still not been able to produce the dog's paper work. Countless visits and phone calls and constantly turned away saying "I have to pull it out". Can I demand my $2800 back??


A New Jersey regulation on this subject states that: “If the pet dealer has promised to register your animal or to provide the necessary papers and fails to do so within the 120 days following the date of sale, you are entitled to return the animal and receive a full refund of the purchase price plus sales tax or to keep the animal and receive a refund of 75 percent of the purchase price plus sales tax. In the event you elect to keep the animal and the dealer provides the 75 percent refund, the dealer is no longer obligated to register the animal or to provide the necessary papers to do so.” For more information, contact the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, 973-504-6200 or e-mail the division at If neither of these options is satisfactory to you (for example, if you want to keep the animal and get the papers), I suggest you speak with an attorney in your area regarding a lawsuit to require the pet dealer to give you the papers (if the papers even exist). Under the NJ regulations, the pet dealer who agreed to provide the registration papers can also be charged with deceptive practices for failing to provide the papers. Keep in mind that many puppies from pet stores start their lives at puppy mills, large commercial breeding facilities where animals live in squalor.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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