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Who is responsible if an animal dies at a groomer?


If an animal dies while in the process of being groomed, who is responsible for that death if, indeed, there is responsibility. The owner did not fully comprehend the disclaimer she signed upon leaving her pet there.


Who (if anyone) is responsible when an animal dies at a grooming facility depends on the facts of each case. Disclaimers (waivers of liability) are often enforceable but if the language of the disclaimer is not clear or if the party who caused the harm acted intentionally or was grossly negligent, many courts will not uphold the waiver, no matter how clearly it is written. Several lawsuits have been brought against grooming facilities for injuries and death caused to animals (for example, some dogs strangled while tethered and others were burned, suffered from heatstroke or died from being kept in heated cage dryers).

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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