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Hurricane Sandy: Animal League America Rescue Efforts

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31: Our Emergency Rescue Operation Continues at Mitchel Field

As New York and surrounding areas continue to work through the devastation left from Hurricane Sandy, Animal League America continues to assist animals and families in need.

Our rescue operation at Mitchel Field continues into Wednesday, October 31st as we take in more evacuated pets. All of the animals in our care are safe.


Our heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy. We are deeply saddened to hear that people lost their lives, and experienced severe damage to their homes and property.

Although Animal League America has been at the forefront of rescue efforts when natural disasters struck around the country, we have never seen such devastation and carnage take place in our own backyard. Over the years, we were on the ground before, during, and after many major hurricanes, including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Isaac this past summer, rescuing hundreds of homeless animals and doing everything in our power to reunite them with their families. We were there this summer to rescue animals and support their families during the wildfires that affected so many in Colorado.

These hands-on experiences, though heartbreaking in many ways, have given us the knowledge and expertise to respond at a moment's notice when tragedy strikes, working tirelessly to provide shelter, food, medical treatment, and any other essential services to keep animals safe. But our rescue efforts for Hurricane Sandy posed many new challenges--and we're proud to say that every member of the Animal League America staff has risen to the call and not only met but exceeded expectations.

Hundreds of our employees--in fact, virtually our entire staff--were personally affected by this unprecedented storm, losing power, losing homes and property, and sadly, even losing loved ones. But despite their own suffering, they persevered, working as diligently and compassionately as ever to make sure animals at risk were saved.

That’s the level of dedication given every day from our Rescue Associates and Volunteers.

During this unprecedented event, our nationwide rescue work is ongoing. We continued to take in animals rescued from our partners in rescue in Tennessee.  Closer to home, we are also housing animals from Bobby and the Strays, a local rescue group whose shelter is underwater.

We currently have over 650 animals in our care at our shelter in Port Washington, and another 100 animals are safe aboard our Mobile Rescue Units at Mitchel Field. Our Medical Team is providing treatment and comfort to all animals that need attention and special care. We will continue to keep you posted on our rescue efforts and provide updates below.

We have read your well wishes on our Facebook page, and we appreciate your support for the animals. Animal League America is able to save 20,000 animals each year because of your generosity. Please continue to assist animals in need by making a donation to our rescue efforts. We--and the animals in harm's way--are deeply grateful.

You can also help us in this time of need if you are local to our Pet Adoption Center (Port Washington, NY), or know someone who is, and interested in adopting a pet.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30: Emergency Rescue Units Take in More Evacuated Animals

Even though the storm has passed, Animal League America's two mobile rescue units at Nassau Community College continue to take in more animals today as many people have been forced to evacuate due to extensive damage and flooding. Our Rescue Team is currently taking care of over 100 evacuated animals and will continue to work around the clock to make sure that all the animals are safe and comfortable.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 29: Animal League America Assists Evacuated Pets at Community Shelter

North Shore Animal League America's mobile rescue units remain at Nassau Community College where over 60 evacuated cats and dogs are safe and being cared for by our Rescue Team members. As people arrive at the shelter with pets, the Animal League will be on hand to help them. We have even set up an indoor area for some of the dogs to get exercise. 

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28: Animal League America Deploys Mobile Rescue Units to Assist During Hurricane Sandy

North Shore Animal League America deployed two mobile rescue units to Nassau Community College and have set up shelter there for evacuated pets. As people arrive at the shelter with pets, the Animal League will be on hand to help them. Our emergency rescue crew members will ride out the storm with the pets and keep all of them safe and secure.

We have also received cats and dogs from Bobbi & the Strays due to the evacuation of their shelter. All animals will be brought back to Bobbi & the Strays once it is safe.

Our Emergency Rescue Team will monitor the hurricane and be on call round-the-clock.

See a list below of pet-friendly hurricane evacuation shelters in the New York metropolitan area.

For those who are evacuating and have pets, below is a listing of pet-friendly hurricane evacuation shelters in the New York metropolitan area:

Nassau County

Nassau Community College – Mitchel Field (NSALA mobile units will be present)
Charles Lindbergh Boulevard
Uniondale, NY

Suffolk County

Brentwood Rec Center
99 Third Ave
Brentwood, NY 11771

Suffolk Community College Eastern Campus – Corchaug Building
121 Speok – Riverhead Road
Riverhead, NY 11901

NYC/Queens/Brooklyn/Staten Island/Bronx

Animals can be brought to any evacuation shelter that is located in a public school; animals can also be brought on public transportation during an evacuation.

ALL animals must have:

  • proof of current vaccinations
  • sturdy crate/carrier to keep animal in

All dogs must also have:

  • sturdy leash
  • current license
  • proof of ownership
  • bring muzzle (dogs)

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