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Give Columbia Comfort from the Cold

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Freezing, injured, and alone, a tiny kitten struggled to stay alive.

The black teardrop shaped marking that runs all the way down the center of this petite kitten’s face isn’t the only thing that makes Columbia unique. It’s his unbelievable story of survival that truly makes him one of a kind.

This 10-week old black and white domestic short hair was recently pulled off of the street near the brink of death and taken to Animal Care & Control in NYC. When he was rescued, Columbia was severely hypothermic from sitting stagnant in the harsh weather conditions Mother Nature has been pounding the tri-state area with this winter. It’s likely he was immobile and unresponsive because of what would later be determined to be a severe elbow fracture of his left front leg, as well as an open wound on the same paw.

Columbia’s road to recovery begins at Animal League America.

Because of this tiny kitten’s dire medical circumstance he was quickly transported to North Shore Animal League America’s Port Washington headquarters for further care in our Help Me Heal Program. When he arrived, the medical staff noticed the injured paw, which was consistent with trauma, and determined that immediate corrective surgery would be needed. Animal League America Vice President & Chief of Veterinary Staff, Dr. Mark Verdino said repairing his broken elbow has allowed Columbia to gingerly bear weight on the limb, but he’s still got some work ahead of him.
“Once the fracture is fully healed, physical therapy is going to play a large part in Columbia’s recovery,” said Dr. Verdino. “Right now he has a very limited range of motion, he can really only bend it to a 90-degree angle. That happens when the tendons and ligaments tighten up, so we’ll eventually work with range of motion exercises to eventually get him to have good function on that limb. Only time will tell how his body reacts.”

Another example why we are the world’s largest NO-KILL rescue and adoption organization.

Another function of Animal League America’s Help Me Heal Program is to ensure our animals are not only physically healthy, but are socially able to thrive during their lifetimes. When deemed healthy enough to leave the Lewyt Medical Center many of our Help Me Heal pets are placed into our Foster Care Program. This allows them continue to heal while under the supervision of an experienced foster parent, while at the same time learning how to live like a house cat in the warm and friendly confines of a home or apartment.

“When Columbia first came in he was incredibly fearful and certainly in a lot of pain, so we’ve been spending a lot of time trying to socialize him,” said Dr. Verdino. “Hopefully we’ll get him in a foster home soon and then into a permanent home shortly thereafter.”

Will you help Columbia heal?

Columbia will benefit from the generous support of donors like you, who make it possible for this vital program to continue to save helpless animals every day. Animals who might otherwise perish in municipal shelters due to their inability to provide the urgent medical care that we have made it our mission to provide. Please support the Help Me Heal Program and help give these precious animals a brighter, healthier future.

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