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Max Is Heading Home!

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UPDATE: February 18, 2014

Max Has Been Adopted!

Max, the adorable ten-month-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix puppy that was rescued from an extreme case of neglect, has just been adopted! This friendly pup has gone to his new home with a wonderful family who fell in love with him in our shelter and immediately wanted to know more about him. “After I told them his story and they saw how sweet he was, they decided they wanted to adopt him!” said Rosemarie Tombolo, Shelter Kennel Manager, “They filled out an application and were approved. Their pet history was great!”

When Max arrived last fall, he was almost completely hairless. After his examination, he was found to be suffering from a severe case of Demodex mange, but his owner had poured gasoline over their open, bleeding wounds. He was treated upon arrival to the shelter and cared for through the coming months by our expert medical team. Over time, he began to heal and his hair grew back into a full warm coat. (Read full story, below.)

Max is a loving puppy that we had the joy of watching grow up right before our eyes. Over the time he’s been here, Max has transformed into a courageous and playful young dog that shows no signs of the life he had once endured. He’s discovered a taste for dog treats and enthusiastically begs for them at every opportunity. His tail never stops wagging as he enjoys his playtime and a good belly rub.

Thanks to our donors, Max will have a lifetime of the best possible treatment. His story began as a tragedy, but has turned into one of triumph as he settles in with his new family. If you’re interested in learning more about adopting or fostering dogs like Max, please contact Christina Travalja, our Shelter Director, at (516) 883-7900, ext. 453,, or Alex Bab, our Foster Care Manager, at (516) 883-7900, ext. 352,

UPDATE: January 10, 2014

Max and Sally Are Ready To Head Home!

Right before the holidays, we shared with you a very sad story: Max and Sally, along with their mother Angel, had suffered from terrible neglect and abuse. All three had some of the worst cases of a painful skin condition called Demodex mange that we had ever seen. (Read full story, below.)

Thanks to our generous donors, we have been providing this sweet family with expert medical care and emotional support, and all three have made great progress. Sally has experienced full regrowth of her coat and looks like a brand new dog! Max has also grown back much of his coat, although not quite as completely as his sister.

Angel, whose condition was the most severe, may never grow back her fur, but we are continuing to provide her with expert medical and physical care, and we will be sure to keep you updated when she’s ready to find her adopter.

In the meantime, we are pleased to let you know that we are now looking for the perfect homes for Max and Sally!

For Max, as seen on the left, we are seeking a “foster-to-adopt” situation, in which an animal lover cares for Max in their home while we continue to provide his regular treatments at our Port Washington, New York Medical Center. When Max is fully healed, the foster parent will then be able to officially adopt this beautiful boy!

Max is a happy-go-lucky older pup who is full of energy. He loves to play and run around, and he’s never happier than when he’s bestowing kisses upon his caretakers. Max gets along well with other dogs, but we would ask a potential adopter with a dog to bring their resident pet in for a meet-and-greet just to be sure.

Sally, shown on the right, is ready to find her permanent adopter now, since she has completed her treatment and is in terrific shape. Sally is a very loving and friendly dog, though still a tad shy, especially when compared to her outgoing brother. Our staff has watched with delight as she’s grown more and more confident and playful, enjoying her daily walks and regular doses of affection. As with Max, if a potential adopter has a dog, we’d arrange a playdate with Sally to make sure the two were perfect pack-mates.

Both Sally and Max, whom we estimate to be about nine months old, would do best in a home with children over the age of six because of their size and energy level. They will make wonderful companions, and we’re looking forward to introducing you to these special siblings!

If you are interested in meeting Max or Sally, please contact Christina Travalja, our Shelter Director, at (516) 883-7900, ext. 453,, or Alex Bab, our Foster Care Coordinator, at (516) 883-7900, ext. 352,

Thank you again for your support for this precious family!

UPDATE: December 11, 2013

Good news for all who donated to the care of Pit Bull family, who was rescued by officials from Town of Hempstead Animal Control after a tip to Nassau County’s Animal Crimes Unit. The dogs, whose owner was charged with animal neglect, were initially brought to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, and the shelter then asked us to care for them in our Medical Center.

When the dogs arrived at the safety of our campus, they had some of the worst cases of Demodex mange that our veterinary and rescue teams had ever seen.

In the nearly three weeks since we took in mom Angel and her pups Max and Sally, the trio has made great progress both physically and emotionally. Their widespread infections—a result of the mange being left untreated for so long, and also because gasoline had been poured on their open sores before they arrived at the town shelter—are no longer a serious threat to their health, as the antibiotics our medical team has been administering are working very well.

Angel, Max and Sally have all been receiving regular medicated baths, which have relieved the intense pain and itching they were experiencing. One of our groomers, Kayla, reports that they were all a pleasure to groom. "They were giving me kisses the entire time," she says with a smile. "They're all so loving, which is remarkable when you realize all they have been through."

While Angel and her son Max were the most affectionate members of the family from the beginning, shy Sally has come out of her shell in a big way. Laura, our rescue team member who first saw the dogs in the municipal shelter and brought them back to the safety of our no-kill campus, says that when Sally first arrived here, she would head to the back of her run when someone came to greet her. Now, she stands right in the front and asks for attention, a true sign of emotional healing. The adorable girl is now vying with her brother Max for the title of best behaved dog in the Medical Center!

All three dogs' coats are improving, with their fur growing back little by little, so they not only look better but also feel much better. While we can't be sure if their coats will ever be full again, we know for certain that we are giving them the best care in the world, and that when they are ready, we will find them loving homes where they will receive the love they had been denied for so long.

Mom Angel, who is very housebroken, loves being walked by our staff. All three dogs enjoy their playtime in our outdoor dog park, where many members of our staff spend time making sure they get some physical exercise, along with tons of love and affection.

To all of you who donated to help us care for these beautiful animals, as well as others like them, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are their heroes!

 Angel, Max and Sally's Story

For all of us who have a deep and abiding love for animals, it’s unimaginable to think that someone would deliberately cause them harm or deny them the loving care they so richly deserve. Sadly, members of North Shore Animal League America’s Rescue Team have witnessed the results of neglect and abuse on a regular basis, and they know they’re all too real.

But when one of our rescuers met this mother and her two pups at a municipal shelter, she was devastated by what she saw—and even more distraught when she learned their story from the shelter staff. Not only were the dogs suffering from a severe case of Demodex mange, but their owner had poured gasoline over their open, bleeding wounds.

This sweet family—affectionately named Angel, Max and Sally—is now safe in our care. Our medical team is doing everything possible to help them find physical and emotional comfort as they begin their long journey to healing.

Because the condition has been left untreated for so long, it will take many months for the dogs’ inflamed, infected skin to heal. We will be there for them every step of the way.

Please donate today to help these dogs,and other ailing and abused animals like them, get the care they need to recover and live long, happy lives.

While Demodex often requires minimal treatment, all three of these beautiful dogs are suffering from extremely serious cases and may require extensive and even lifelong care.

During this season of giving thanks, please open your hearts to help this precious family.

On behalf of Angel, Max and Sally, we thank you for your generosity.

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