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UPDATE: March 2013

Mistletoe stole the hearts of everyone at North Shore Animal League America, but one of her first caretakers, our licensed vet technician Kelly, is the lucky person who has welcomed the brave little kitten into her heart and home.

“I was here the night she came in, and it was love at first sight,” says Kelly, who was one of the many staff members who bonded with the severely injured kitten. Kelly and our other Medical Center staff provided Mistletoe with round-the-clock care, and the adorable kitten has healed beautifully.

Kelly decided to rename her new family member Birdie, in honor of her story of survival. “She seemed to think she was like a bird, trying to fly from the 10th story window,” says Kelly, who marvels at Birdie’s remarkable recovery.

Kelly reports that Birdie, whom she calls her “cuddle bug,” and her other resident cat, Herman, are best of friends. “They get along great!”

Congratulations to Kelly, and thank you to everyone who contributed to this sweet kitten’s care!

UPDATE: January 2013

Mistletoe is healing up well after a successful surgery! She survived falling from a 10th story window in a high-rise building right before the holidays. Mistletoe has a long road to recovery but she has already returned to being a sweet and playful kitten. She is able to walk around and has had her e-collar taken off.

Thanks to everyone who supported Mistletoe and helped us save her life. If you would like to make Mistletoe part of your life, send an adoption request to

Mistletoe's Story

When this kitten fell out the 10th floor window of a high-rise building, she had very little chance of survival.

Her injuries, though extremely serious, were treatable with the proper medical attention. But the municipal shelter where she was taken lacked the space, money and resources to care for her. She was high on the list of animals slated for euthanasia—a sad story any time of year, but especially heartbreaking during the holidays.

Upon rescue, Animal League America's veterinary team immediately placed the kitten, whom they named Mistletoe, on medication to alleviate her pain. An exam revealed two major traumas: a broken back leg and an injured lung.

During a series of x-ray, the team also discovered an unwelcome surprise: Mistletoe had ingested a foreign body that was lodged in her abdomen.

Despite all her injuries, this adorable kitten can recover and live a healthy, long life. But she needs your help.

Won’t you please give the gift of life to Mistletoe this holiday season by donating to our Help Me Heal program?

Mistletoe needs two surgical procedures—one to remove the object in her abdomen and another to repair her fractured leg. Her lung will heal with time and rest. But she will require extensive rehabilitation after her surgeries.

Please donate today.

Your gift will enable Mistletoe, and other ailing animals like her, to recover from her injuries and be ready to find the adopter who will treasure her forever.

On behalf of all the animals we rescue, nurture and adopt, we thank you for your generosity, and we wish you and yours a healthy, joyous New Year.

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