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New Beginnings: A Help Me Heal Update

We believe every animal is deserving of a second chance at a happy and healthy life. Sadly, many of the animals we rescue each year arrive with urgent medical needs requiring immediate surgical intervention and extensive rehabilitation. Some have deep emotional scars due to years of neglect and mistreatment, barely alive due to the abuse they may have endured.

Each year our Help Me Heal Program highlights these animals in need of urgent care. Whether they have been rescued from a puppy mill or an overcrowded shelter, when they arrive these animals experience the love and compassion they deserve - many for the very first time.

Thanks to your generous donations to our Help Me Heal program we are able to provide these animals, and so many others, with the treatment they need and a second chance to live a happy, healthy life. Your support enables us to continue our no-kill mission to rescue, nurture and support all animals in need.

How You Helped:

Below are just a few of the New Beginnings you have made possible.

New Beginnings: Trixie

When Trixie arrived at North Shore Animal League America back in July, the picturesque Persian kitten was just seven weeks old. Blessed with a luxurious fluffy coat and piercing blue eyes to accompany a spunky personality, there wasn’t a person who met the adorable kitten who didn’t involuntarily let out a bellowing “awwwwwww” when first seeing her. At first glance, she seemed perfect. However...
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New Beginnings: Larissa

From the horrors of a Puppy Mill to the safety of North Shore Animal League America's no-kill campus, Larissa has had a long, hard journey on her road to recovery. Today this sweet girl has come through it all with the help of the supporters to our Help Me Heal Program.
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New Beginnings: Sasha

Abandoned by the only family she’s ever known. Suffering from painful lesions covering her torso, neck and head. Given just days to live. This was the harsh reality faced by 8-month-old Sasha, a sweet and docile Catahoula mix.
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New Beginnings: Olive

Olive, a beautiful, young Pit Bull mix, arrived in dire need of medical attention. Suffering from severe injuries as a result of being hit by a vehicle, Olive’s right hind leg was shattered beyond repair and her other hip, the only leg she had to bear weight on properly, was dislocated. This 1-year-old pup was ailing and looking to the veterinarians inside Animal League America’s Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center for help.
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New Beginnings: Natalie

Natalie, the sweet, young cat who arrived earlier this year with severe burns, has made amazing progress and left her painful past far behind. We're happy to announce that today she has a new family, complete with a feline sibling with whom she shares a similar history.
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New Beginnings: Scooby

When Scooby was rescued by North Shore Animal League America because he was just 4-months old and severely injured. Today, thanks to the generous support of our Help Me Heal Program, this sweet boy is healthy, happy and in a home of his own.
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New Beginnings: Miley

When Miley was rescued from the streets of Brooklyn, there was no question she was in desperate need of medical attention. The young Pit Bull mix was alone, left to brave the cold winter conditions without most of her coat as a result of a painful skin condition. The suffering pup was picked up and brought to a municipal shelter in New York City where she was held briefly before being rescued by North Shore Animal League America’s Emergency Rescue Team.
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New Beginnings: Stella

Lost. Abandoned. Discarded. Regardless of how a beautiful black and white Staffordshire Terrier puppy wound up homeless, she was in desperate need of urgent medical attention when she was rescued. Luckily for Stella, two local rescue groups were able to join forces and provide her with the second chance at life she so desperately deserved.
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New Beginnings: Curtis

Fate can have a funny way of intervening when we least expect it. North Shore Animal League America Veterinarian Philip Litwack can tell you all about fate, and how it brought him together with a handsome silver tabby named Curtis, who was in desperate need of his compassion.
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New Beginnings: Charley

When we first met Charley, the absolutely adorable Boston Terrier was 6-weeks-old, weighed just over a pound and was so sick that our team of veterinarians weren’t sure if she would survive. But this brave girl surprised them all.
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