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In the world of animal rescue, the idea of victory can be both sweet and bittersweet, often at the same time. The last several weeks really drove this home for me, especially in the case of a cat named Quincy. I still have trouble talking about Quincy — the tears come quickly — but his story, though sad and brief from my perspective, matters so much.

In late February, one of my Instagram friends...

One look at the calendar and it seems that every month of the year is dedicated to a special cause…and they’re all so worthwhile. What a great way to draw attention to important health and social issues, from child nutrition to Black history, from women’s history to domestic violence. and from bullying prevention to your pet’s teeth.

Yes, your cat’s — and dog’s — teeth!

The wise doctors at the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) have declared February as National Pet Dental... Read more...

I posted a picture on my Instagram page recently that has absolutely nothing to do with cats or kittens. It’s not a photo of people, either, yet it’s one of the sweetest images I’ve ever seen.

In a muddy, grey river, a mother elephant gently supports her newborn, teaching the baby how to stand against the water’s currents, how to be confident — how to be an elephant.

Meanwhile, this...

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