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“The Heart of TV”

Posted by on September 13, 2016

Getting Our Rescue On with The Hallmark Channel

If you loved the silly shenanigans of the Kitten Bowl, the out-of-the-park fun of the Paw Star Game, and the golden moments of this year’s Kitten Summer Games, you have one person to thank: Bill Abbott.

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Crown Media Family Networks, Hallmark Channel, Bill is committed to making companion animals a prominent part of his... Read more...

His name is Leon Bear Stern, and he is magnificent.

In fact, if you were to imagine an archetype of “the black cat,” you’d probably picture someone like Leon Bear — dignified, regal, confident, intelligent, and wise. And his luscious black coat is one of the most glorious things about him…that and his bodacious belly.

But for reasons I find ridiculous, people have singled out black cats like Leon and ascribed all kinds of mysterious... Read more...

Well, it happened, and it was pure gold!

The inaugural Kitten Summer Games, broadcast by my friends at The Hallmark Channel on August 5, was a spectacular success: One hundred kitten cat-letes, who had absolutely no idea they were competing, no idea they were beyond adorable, and no idea that millions of people were watching them cavort, stole hearts from coast to coast.

And best of all, they had no idea that after the competition, they’d all be going home to responsible, loving families who would spoil them and treat them... Read more...

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