////Volunteer Appreciation Month: Richard Cogan

Richard Cogan, Volunteer Since 2022

Spreading Smiles One Wagging Tail at a Time

With a heart full of love for animals and a desire to make a difference, Richard Cogan has been part of North Shore Animal League America’s mission since 2022. His journey into volunteering with the organization stems from a personal connection to both the cause and the furry companions he serves.

Volunteer Richard Cogan

Following his retirement, Richard felt compelled to give back. Since his whole family has always made dogs and animal rescue a part of their life, volunteering at North Shore Animal League America just seemed like a natural fit. And once he learned about our Shelter Pet Outreach Program (SPOT) – where volunteers and associates bring dogs and puppies to nursing homes, senior citizen centers, and rehabilitation centers – he was sold. “So many older people have had pets in their lives, and there’s a certain peace and comfort that comes from being around animals. So when they talked about the SPOT program, I thought, I’ve got to do this as an homage to my 98-year-old mom, who has always loved dogs,” he explained.

Volunteer Richard Cogan

“It’s one of the few win-wins in life. You put a puppy on someone’s lap, and instead of staring out the window, they’re talking to you about the dog they had and smiling,” Richard noted. “A woman at one of the centers I visit cries out of happiness every time we bring a puppy to her. It’s amazing…you’re getting to share that love, and you feel so good.”

With each visit, Richard witnesses moments of pure joy and connection, reaffirming the transformative power of our four-legged companions. Alongside the unwavering commitment of Richard and all of our dedicated volunteers, we will continue to make a profound impact on our animals and the people who interact with them.

Volunteer Enya Sakhrani

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month

At North Shore Animal League America, we could not perform all of the hands-on work that we do without the help of our incredible team of dedicated volunteers.

If you’d like to learn more about the Volunteer Program and available opportunities, please visit animalleague.org/volunteer.

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