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Preventable Heartbreak

Posted by Beth Stern on April 12, 2016

Kitten Season: Bright-Eyed and Desperate

Sometimes I look at one of my nuggets and wonder, how is this real? How could anything this beautiful, this vulnerable, this defenseless and eager for life be truly real?

And then I remember…it’s kitten season, the time of year when millions of these little miracles appear everywhere, huddling on city streets and country roads — abandoned, orphaned, injured — inundating shelters where they’re often euthanized for lack of resources and space.

Kitten season — two words...

Last spring in Abilene, Texas, a little cat named Cookie stole my heart — though I’ve never been to Abilene and never even met this cute bobtail.

Here’s how it happened: For several years, more than 20 shelters and rescue groups from all over West Texas have brought their adoptable pets to Rescue the Animals SPCA, in Abilene for our annual Tour For Life®.

Last year, during our first day in Abilene, 75 pets found new homes. On day two, the... Read more...

There's No Escaping Winter: Keep Your Pets Indoors!

Posted by on February 18, 2016

What a strange winter it’s been here in the Northeast. Remember when the thermometer hit 72 incredible degrees in Central Park on Christmas Eve? People were finishing their holiday shopping in tank tops and shorts! And most of January was warmer than usual, too, until near the end of the month when things suddenly got back to normal — which means cold, wind, and major sleet and snowstorms.

Frankly, I love being snowed in with my nuggets. But as much as I enjoy a long winter day with nothing to do but play with cats and kittens, review adoption applications, and... Read more...

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