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June 2009 Thoughts

Posted by on June 30, 2009

It's starting to feel a lot like summer here in NY! Finally! Ticks are everywhere so be careful to check your dog every time he returns from outside. I can't say it enough – be diligent about using Frontline once a month on your dog. Don't take a chance on Lyme disease. I almost lost Bianca a few summers ago.

I spent some time at the Animal League not too long ago when the big Missouri puppy mill dogs arrived. I was there as they were getting cleaned up and ready for their spaying and neutering. My goodness! What beautiful dogs!!

I am always so disgusted and saddened to see puppy mill rescues arrive. They are covered in dirt, smell so sour, have visible ear infections, eye problems, sores on their skin, matted hair. It is so painful to see these dogs in such discomfort. I applaud the staff at the Animal League who are so gentle with each of them. When will this puppy mill breeding stop?

While at the Animal League, I was introduced to one of the saddest, most heartbreaking of the group – Liza the English Bulldog who had been bred her entire 7 years of life. Now, I have a soft spot for English Bulldogs to begin with, so seeing Liza in the condition she was in when she was first brought to the Animal League wrenched my soul. Her left eye was discolored and popping out of her head. She was so stinky – I can't even describe the smell. One of her ears had “cauliflower ear” due to a horrible ear infection that was never treated. The vets at the Animal League told me that she had a mammary gland tumor from producing so much milk from her being pregnant nonstop. She also had no teeth with the skin around her face scarred. We have learned that her teeth were hammered out of her little head. Can you imagine??? I immediately asked my good friends at the Animal League if I could take her to LI English Bulldog Rescue so she could get some special bulldog treatment and fostered immediately.

Liza is doing so well in her foster home. She loves her foster family and is about to go in for an eye surgery to reconstruct her bad eyelid so she can finally close her eye. She is in heat so they have to wait a few more weeks before they can spay her and remove the mammary gland tumor. She is such a survivor! She loves to be lazy and sleep and is just such a sweetheart. She often stands over her foster brother and tries to give him her teat – thinking that he is thirsty. That's all she has ever known – to be a mommy. I get daily updates on her and I feel blessed to have met such a sweet little soul. She is safe now.

All of them are safe now and will end up in loving, warm homes. I thank North Shore Animal League America for their incredible work and dedication to each and every animal that comes in through their door.


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