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John Bartlett

Posted by on September 15, 2009

Recently, John hosted an adoption event at his New York City menswear store to honor his best friend, Tiny Tim, a handsome, three-legged Shepherd-Rottweiler mix. This event was one of many that John hosted which benefited the Animal League.

Tiny Tim is represented in the shadowed icon that appears as Bartlett’s logo on shirts, scarves, accessories and shopping bags in the Greenwich Village store. Tiny Tim, the store mascot, was an Animal League rescue, brought to the Port Washington Shelter in December, 2002, after being hit by a car. Due to his extensive injuries, veterinarians amputated a severely injured leg. After his recovery, the dog was put up for adoption.

Four months later, when Bartlett decided to celebrate his 40th birthday by adopting a shelter animal, he was looking for a small animal that could travel easily with him. But one look at Tim changed his plans and, as Bartlett says, “It has been a wonderful life for a wonderful dog,” since that fateful meeting. Since then, John has taken Millie, another Animal League dog into his life. Millie, a Chihuahua-Jack Russell terrier mix, was rescued from a Georgia kill shelter and brought to the Animal League.

The Animal League is grateful to John for graciously hosting these adoption events for us and for giving a home filled with love to these wonderful dogs.

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