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How can I get my pets back from an abusive ex?


I left my abusive ex in MO in 3/2013. He wouldn't let me take my dog & cat with me. He's going to trial for Domestic Assault next month. If he goes to prison, they will destroy my pets. I need legal assistance to get them back before then. I am currently in hiding in another state. I've contacted numerous organizations in MO. No help there. I'm still making phone calls but need help as soon as possible. Where do I go from here? Who do I call?


I suggest contacting the district attorney's office in the area where the trial will take place to claim 'ownership' of the animals. I also suggest you consider hiring an attorney if you cannot get domestic abuse or legal assistance organizations to help. Issues regarding 'ownership' of the animals and care of the animals when he is incarcerated will need to be addressed (it isn’t clear why you believe the animals will be killed).

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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