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How can I sue or file a petition against an animal hospital for neglect?


Took my bunny to a local animal hospital. He wasn't eating and his poop was runny. I suggested to the doc that it could be from over heating or from blockage in the digestive tract. He noted how active he was which is a good sign. He then felt my bunnies tummy and said there was no blockage. Thats it. Thats all he did. So pretty much I diagnosed my bunny. He didn't take any tests or x-rays. He said they would give him vitamin B complex to induce his appetite cause all he needed was fiber to get better, would give fluids to keep him from dehydrating (which i don't know why cause he was drinking) and that they would keep him over night. Next day i called to know when to pick him up. They said 2-3 pm. my husband then called to ask if 12 was ok. They then informed us he was dead. later the doc said they "found" him ( aren't they supposed to check up on him?) in the morning, before I called and ask about him. I want to sue or at least start a petition to shut them down. How would I start? Best advice. This is not the first animal that has died in their hands due to neglect. One dog was euthanized instead of being given his rabies shot. HOW ARE THEY STILL OPEN AND WORKING!?


The California Veterinary Medical Board accepts complaints against veterinarians. Go to and click “Consumers.” Veterinary boards can take actions against veterinarians, including suspending and revoking licenses. In addition to making such a complaint, a companion animal “owner” can also sue a veterinarian for monetary damages. Necropsies can sometimes help and expert testimony is sometimes needed in such cases to prove the allegations.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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