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Can a cat foster parent charge me for vet costs?


My mother passed away and I had to give her cat up to a foster cat provider(I am not allowed to have pets in my apartment) in April. I just got a call from her saying that the cat has a mouth infection and its vet cost is $700. It is June 27th and she says it is not her responsibility to pay the bill. I can't afford it and now I fear for the cat's safety there.


One’s obligation to pay for the care of an animal in foster care depends on the agreement between the parties. Usually the term ‘foster’ refers to a temporary placement of an animal. In these temporary placements, sometimes the agreement is that the person placing the animal in foster care will pay for expenses, including veterinary care, and sometimes the agreement is that the person fostering the animal will pay. Usually when an animal is placed for adoption, the arrangement is permanent and the adopter is generally responsible for paying for all fees for the adopted animal. However, some shelters and rescue groups agree to pay for certain expenses and particularly veterinary care if the animal placed for adoption has a known pre-existing health problem. Again, the obligations of the adopter, foster care ‘parent’ and the individual, shelter or rescue organization that placed the animal for adoption or in foster care depend on the agreement between the parties. I hope your mother's cat gets the necessary care.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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