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How can I find out if my friend is responsible for my pet chicken's death?


I went away for 4 days and asked 2 Friends to watch over my chickens. One in the morning (F#1) & one in the evening (F#2). The last day I was gone F#1 checked & all was good, did not hear from F#2. When I got home I found one chicken dead (the most sweetest trusting one). I tried to contact F#2 whom was the last to check on her and asked when did she last go? What did she feed? Anything happen who came with her, but no reply for almost 2 days. When she did reply she did not mention anything about my chickens or answer any questions I asked. She only needed me to help her with her problems (changed subject, was not important). When I told her my chicken was dead she was not surprised just said ya I loved her too, but still no explanation, no sympathy only changing subject to her needs. It's been almost a week and I have heard nothing from her still. F#1 was shocked & told me last time she was there & what happen (all pets were fine). I suspect F#2 is passive aggressive & is also an alcoholic. She has disappointed me in the past many times as a friend but this is too much. I can't sleep, I feel angry, sad, guilty for leaving her in charge. What do I do? Our family have been friends for years, our kids are friends, husbands are friends, her husband probably has no idea. I need closure. I need her to tell me what she knows, and show some kind of remorse. I'm devastated. Any advice?


I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet chicken. In terms of legal liability, one would typically have to show that the pet sitter did not exercise appropriate care. Without a cause of death, this may be difficult to do.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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