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Can I take back dog we gave to neighbors?


We recently gave our puppy away that we raised from birth. The understanding being our neighbors  had children that wanted her and would be part of their family.  The neighbors recently told us they were making her an "outside dog".  The puppy regularly gets off the leash they tie her to and runs across the street and sits in our doorstep whining. She has run in our house and I can tell she misses us. I have brought the dog back over several times, and am at the point now where I want to just keep her the next time she chews the leash she is on. I'm furious that these people have no moral compass to just let her come home. I have even gone so far as to offer them money for the dog we gave them. They have also told me they have not gotten any of her shots. What route can I take ? Should I just keep her next time she runs over?


Generally when one gives a dog away, he/she has no further rights to the animal, unless the agreement provided otherwise. Occasionally, offering to purchase an animal or offering to take an animal back works. Some municipalities (including several in Florida) have anti-chaining laws which ban or limit the tethering of dogs. Dogs require exercise, socialization, and the ability to move without continuous restraint. When chained for long periods of time, dogs can become anxious and aggressive. Some tethering laws restrict tethering time for dogs or ban the practice altogether, particularly for puppies. Some laws ban tethering unless the dog is supervised. Local law enforcement agencies and humane societies should be contacted if one suspects a dog is being tethered or mistreated in any way.

Submitted by Anonymous
Answered by Elinor Molbegott


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