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Show Your Pet Some Love This Valentine’s Day



Americans are big gift givers on Valentine’s Day—and that extends to their furry family members, too. According to Time Magazine, people spend $367 million on their pets during this holiday. And while a new bone or toy mouse is always a welcome surprise, there are much better ways to show your pets how much they mean to you—not only on Valentine’s Day, but everyday. Instead of opening your wallet and doling out the dough, spend some extra special time with your dog or cat engaging in some of these fun activities. There’s no better treat you could give them than you!

A Walk On The Beach

Before you head out on that romantic Valentine date, make a date with your dog for a walk to the beach or park. Bring a camera and draw a little heart with your names in the sand—or sandbox, if you don’t happen to live on the coast. Then have your dog run right through it and snap a picture. That way, your dog will literally leave footprints on your heart.

Time for Some Games

Cats love to play, but you don’t need to hit the pet store to give them some great toys. Move your fingers under a blanket (not the precious keepsake Grandma made) for a quick game of catch the mouse, or use a flashlight for a game of tag (just be careful not to point the light directly in your kitty’s eyes).

Refer a Friend

Do you have a friend who’s been thinking of adding a dog or cat to their family? Encourage them to adopt, not shop, for a pet by sending them a link to a pet adoption website, such as or our adoptable pet section. Not only are you helping save a life, you’re also giving your loved ones the opportunity to bring joy to their lives 365 days a year.

Give A Loving Gift

Instead of giving a traditional Valentine’s Day gift to your human sweetheart, why not give a real gift from the heart and donate in their name to North Shore Animal League America? With every donation, you can send an e-card to your Valentine, letting them know a gift was made in their honor. Knowing that they are the reason we can rescue, nurture and adopt more animals is sure to bring on a smile that will last far longer than a dozen roses—but feel free to send those too!

Safety First:

Finally, here are some tips to keep your pet safe from potentially hazardous scenarios that come up this time of year:

  • It’s not a myth: Chocolate can be toxic to dogs and cats. Another common sweetener in candy, Xylitol, is also potential fatal for dogs, so keep all the sweet treats out of reach!
  • Lilies can be hazardous to your cat’s health, so if giving (or receiving) a bouquet, be sure to remove any from the bunch. Also, rose thorns can causes nasty scratches to curious noses, so be kind and de-thorn your blooms.
  • Candles set a romantic mood, but it’s sure to be ruined if your curious pet gets burned. Don’t leave candles unattended—and be sure the fire is out in your fireplace before calling it a night.
  • Alcohol and pets don’t mix. Period. Don’t leave unfinished glasses sitting on counters or tables.
  • After the gifts are opened, be sure to discard the ribbons, bows, tape and other leftover materials, which can cause choking or blockages if swallowed.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your pets!


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