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Hurricane Sandy Rescue Story: Displaced Animals Find Shelter and Love

It's an old but true saying: There's no place like home. Everyone displaced by Hurricane Sandy knows the truth of those simple five words in a profound way, as many have lost nearly everything to the storm's devastating power.

Many of North Shore Animal League America's staff and volunteers have been affected by Sandy, but their dedication to caring for animals in need is as powerful as ever.

"Just like humans, animals are attached to their home environments, and being in a new location isn't easy for them," says Kirsten Dudick, a kennel associate at Animal League America who has been caring for animals at the emergency  animal shelter at Mitchel Field nearly every day since the storm hit. "But we spend a lot of time getting to know each animal, making them feel as comfortable as possible--not just physically, but emotionally, too."

Kirsten and all of the rescue team members grow very attached to the animals in their care. "We really do fall in love with all of them," says Kirsten, adding that they also develop  close relationship with the families and individuals who have entrusted them with their pets' care.

"I feel a very strong sense of responsibility to these people, and I'd never let them down," she says. "When they arrive here to reunite with their animals, it's the best feeling in the world. They thank us, but I tell them it was a privilege to have helped in any way during a really difficult time for them."

(Pictured above: Kirsten takes Cade for some fresh air on Monday, November 5.)

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