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June 2015 - Collaborative Emergency Rescue Saves More Than 95 Dogs in Indiana

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Port Washington, June 15, 2015: North Shore Animal League America joined forces with American Humane Association and other Midwestern rescue groups to save the lives of more than 95 dogs from a small house in Indiana this past Sunday.
Living amongst filthy, unsanitary conditions without the slightest bit of human interaction for quite some time, all of the animals were pulled from the wretched conditions of a hoarding situation by Posey Humane Society and Posey County Pound Puppies. Of the 95 dogs and puppies, 40 of them, mostly Beagle mixes, were carefully loaded onto one of our state-of-the-art Mobile Rescue Units and transported to Animal League America’s Port Washington, NY facility.

“This rescue was a really great collaborative effort by all of the rescue groups involved,” said Animal League America National Community Outreach Manager, Christina Lovari, who was on hand to contribute to this out-of-state emergency rescue. It was clear to Christina that the volunteers who had been with these dogs since they were first rescued had grown attached to their young charges, and as often happens, saying goodbye was an emotional experience. “Many of the women helping us load the dogs onto the Mobile Unit were in tears. Obviously, tears of joy because they were so happy that we were able to rescue so many animals and provide them with a second chance.”

After their 850-mile journey from Indiana, these lucky dogs, many of which have never even been bathed or even cared for at all, will be treated like canine royalty – from top-notch medical treatment, to professional grooming, to the chance at one day finding a loving home. Despite the deplorable conditions in which they were found, many of the dogs were in decent condition based on their initial evaluation according to Christina. Some of them were suffering from various medical conditions such as heartworm disease and other physical ailments, but once back at Animal League America, they will receive the medical care they desperately need.

At the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, where our mission to “Rescue. Nurture. Adopt.” every animal in need is our top priority, there’s no doubt these dogs will be the beneficiaries of this kind of compassion for the first time in their lives.

"These guys are excited, happy. They're licking your face, they're giving you kisses, they're jumping into your lap. These dogs are pets now and they want to be pets,” said Off-Site Rescue Driver, Dan McNena. “They want to be loved. They want to love someone. Now they have that chance."

The Animal League stays true to its mission by continuously taking animals out of harm's way, and giving them a second chance for the happy life they deserve.

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UPDATE: June 18, 2015 - Rescued Beagles Ready to find Loving Homes

For the 95 dogs pulled from the vile, inhumane conditions inside a tiny house in Indiana during a collaborative rescue effort by North Shore Animal League America and American Humane Association, life will never be the same.

These dogs, mostly Beagle mixes ranging from 6 months to 3 years old, will never again have to live in filthy, cramped, unsanitary conditions that no living creature should ever have to endure. For the 40 pooches lucky enough to be transported back to Animal League America’s Port Washington facility, this Friday officially marks the start of their second chance to enjoy a happy, fulfilling life! Because of the rescue efforts of Posey Humane Society and Posey County Pound Puppies, these dogs will be up for adoption and waiting for you to come down to the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization and give them the loving home they so desperately deserve.

“These dogs have the chance to put the past behind them and get their well-deserved second chance. No matter the pain and despair they have endured before arriving here at Animal League America, all of the wagging tails we’ve seen prove they are excited for a change,” said Animal League America Senior Director of Operations Sylvia Ottaka. ”They are ready to finally meet the family who will shower them with love and affection.”