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My Name is Cassie...

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My name is Cassie, and I'm a six-month-old Chow Chow Mutt-i-gree®. North Shore Animal League America, the world's largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization, rescued me, and I'll be staying with them for a while. You see, I have carpus valgus, which is a bone defect in my left forelimb.

It's a little complicated, but the doctors explained that one of the two bones in my leg has deviated above my knee, and it's contorting my leg. This is why my leg aches sometimes and I look a little "knock-kneed." Sometimes, I even stumble when I get too excited.

If I don't get corrective surgery, the dislocation of the bone will worsen and I will develop severe arthritis in my elbow, which is terribly painful. If I do get an operation, I'll still have some contortion in my front, left leg, but it won't get worse, I won't be in pain and it won't cause me to get debilitating arthritis. I'll probably just wobble a little bit.

So by the time you read this, I'll probably be getting prepped for my operation, which will take several hours and a very skilled hand.

Thank goodness I'm in the Animal League's Help Me Heal Program where I will get the surgery and aftercare I need to get all better and feel great. It's because of caring people like you that so many of us can get well.

If it weren't for your love and support, I would be crippled.


I feel very thankful for the Animal League, the Help Me Heal Program and all of its supporters. It may take a little while, but I'm going to heal. And when I do, the Animal League will find me a real home with a loving family. They leave no stone unturned.

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