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Help Kitten With Broken Legs Walk Again

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Jade has Been Adopted!

On December 16th this sweet kitten, who had more struggles in her young life than any kitten should ever have to endure, has been adopted. Thanks to your geneorus support of our Help Me Heal Program, young Jade will pounce and play with her new mom Gloria in her new home.


Every day, we are privileged to rescue, nurture and find wonderful homes for innocent animals, most of whom were at grave risk of euthanasia. Each animal is precious to us, and we are honored to play a role in giving them a new, happy life.

The sweet kitten pictured here, Jade, is one of our very favorites, and we are thrilled to announce that she is ready to find the individual or family who will provide her with a lifetime of happiness and love.

Jade was rushed to our Medical Center after a fall from a second story window. Both of her back legs were broken, and the injuries were severe.

We counted on our dedicated Help Me Heal supporters to contribute to the care of Jade, and other injured and ailing animals like her, so that we could give her the best treatment in the world. We knew you wouldn't let Jade down, and the response was overwhelming and heartening.

Now that Jade is healed, she's ready to find her perfect home. Jade's foster mom, Barbara, says that Jade is a "ball of energy--super friendly and playful. She likes to cuddle, but most of all, she wants to play with everybody and everything."

Jade got along very well with Barbara's adult cat, so we anticipate she would be fine in a household with other cats (depending on the resident cat's willingness to welcome a new sibling)! She's also very comfortable with dogs, and was happy to be part of Barbara's multi-pet family.

In terms of her physical condition, Jade has a minor limp to her walk, and she keeps one of her legs up off the ground a little bit, but she has no limitations. She walks, runs and jumps just like any other kitten.

Are you the special someone to bring this adorable girl home? Please contact Alex Bab, our Foster Care Coordinator, at 516-883-7900, ext. 352, or email him at, to find out more.

To all of those who contributed to our Help Me Heal campaign, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Please donate today so we can continue to help more animals like Jade in need of medical care.



UPDATE: September 10, 2013

Great news! Jade is recovering very well from the injuries to her legs. After a few weeks in our Medical Center, Jade was well enough to head home with one of our devoted volunteer foster parents, Barbara, who is caring for the sweet kitten until she is ready to be adopted. Barbara reports that Jade has lots of energy and is very playful. She enjoys the company of Barbara’s other cat and two big dogs, though for some reason isn’t too fond of her Chihuahua!

Although Jade still has a slight limp when she’s walking, she is able to run and jump just like any other typical kitten. It’s a beautiful sight to see this once-frail and fearful kitten in such high spirits.

Jade will be having new X-rays sometime next week, and at that point our medical team will determine if she needs any further treatment. Hopefully, she will be going up for adoption very soon, and we will keep you updated on her progress.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to help Jade, and other animals like her, on the road to recovery!

Please continue to support our Help Me Heal program so we can rescue, nurture and adopt many more animals in need. You are their hero!

Jade's Story

When this tiny kitten was rushed to our Medical Center, even our most seasoned veterinary staff could barely hold back their tears.

The kitten, named Jade, had fallen from a two-story window, resulting in devastating fractures to both of her back legs.

The more severe of the injuries was a compound fracture to her right leg, and her bone was visibly protruding from the area of the break.

The damage to this leg was so severe that our medical team feared the only course of action would be amputation. But our dedicated staff doesn’t give up easily.

Our veterinary team immediately administered medication to ease Jade’s pain. They then conducted emergency surgery on Jade’s right leg and inserted a surgical pin in her left leg.

Jade is now being monitored and cared for around-the-clock. She will require extensive rehabilitation to learn to walk and she may require future surgery.

Won’t you please help?

We are very hopeful that, given proper care and time to heal, Jade’s left leg will heal fully. The prognosis for her right leg is less certain—but we’re cautiously optimistic that she will regain at least partial use of this leg.

Please donate today. Your support of the Help Me Heal program provides animals like Jade the life-saving care they desperately need.

On behalf of Jade and all the other animals we care for, we thank you for your life-saving donation.

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