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UPDATE: November 12, 2015 - Stella Has Been Adopted!
Just three months after arriving on our campus, Stella’s condition has fully healed and she's found a happy home with Catherine & Chris, and canine siblings Zoey and Lucy. The once fragile pup is now putting her past behind her and playing in her new yard with her new family. This new beginning was made possible through the generous support of our Help Me Heal program. This vital program continues to change the lives of sick and injured animals each and every day, and for that we thank you.

You can learn more about Stella's new life at

UPDATE: October 19, 2015
It's been a month since Stella first came to North Shore Animal League America with a severe case of Demodex mange over her entire body, an infection so painful Stella could barely move. Today is a different story. Today Stella is a happy, playful puppy well on her way to a full recovery. There are still some signs of the sores that once covered her small body, but Stella has responded very well to her treatment and her new coat is growing in beautifully.

In fact, Stella is doing so well she is paying it forward. Due to her playful and outgoing personality, Stella is helping the Animal League America Pet Behavior Team socialize another pup, named Amelia, who is very fearful. The two have a room to themselves with plenty of toys and soft spots to curl up. Amelia enjoys her time with Stella, but will still hide when new people enter their space. But sweet Stella is right beside her, comforting her new friend and letting her know it's ok.

Thanks to the support of our donors, Stella is making great strides in her recovery and will one day make someone a very lucky adopter. If you're interested in learning more about Stella, or possibly making  her a member of your family, please contact Foster Care Manager Tara Guclu at 516-883-7900 extension 352 or

Is there really anything cuter than a puppy? The playful exuberance, the never-ending kisses, the pearly white sense of innocence in their eyes. For some reason, the eyes of a puppy have the unique ability to immediately put a smile on our faces and melt our hearts.

This heartwarming effect is better known as “puppy dog eyes,” and although it wasn’t created for Stella, a 3-month-old Pit Bull mix recently brought to North Shore Animal League America, it very well could have been. This gorgeous, little girl was originally rescued by Brooklyn New Hope, a placement department inside New York City’s Animal Care & Control, when she was brought in as a stray. Not only was she homeless and alone, she was suffering from a severe case of Demodex mange, a painful skin condition caused by tiny mites that live inside the hair follicles.

Although this condition can be common in young dogs and fairly easy to treat, Stella’s case was particularly severe because it was left untreated, causing her to lose almost all of her coat and suffering from raw lesions and inflammation all over her body. Her silky brown and white coat completely stripped of its luster and replaced with painful sores, leaving her body burning up, so much so that it was actually hot to the touch. Stella was in desperate need of urgent medical care, and the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization was there to ease her pain.

“Stella’s case is particularly worse than an average case of the condition because whoever was supposed to be caring for her didn’t recognize the warning signs or simply chose to neglect them,” said Animal League America Veterinarian, Dr. Gerard Laheney, who was first to examine Stella when she arrived at our Port Washington, N.Y. campus. “We are going to put her on an extensive treatment including an anti-parasiticide to rid her of the Demodex, as well as antibiotics and antifungals. We’ll also bathe her a few times a week with special shampoos that will help with replenishing the moisture in her coat and give her vitamins that will also help the healing process.”

Doctor Laheney said treating Demodex can be a fairly lengthy process, about 8-12 weeks before her condition is fully improved, so it won’t be a quick fix, but the puppy with the captivating eyes is certainly in the right place. Thanks to generous champions like yourself, Stella will receive everything she needs to make a full recovery.

As a member of our innovative Help Me Heal Program, Stella will be provided with top-notch medical care and unconditional compassion, and will one day find a responsible, loving home to call her own. But first she needs your help. Your donation today can help Stella, and countless other animals, get the urgent medical care they need. Thank you for your continued support to this vital program.

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