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Little Survivors

Tiny Survivors of the Storm

Three little kittens in need of loving homes - not uncommon here at North Shore Animal League America. But these strong-willed kittens arrived at the League in a not so common way. At the young age of just six weeks, these three tiny felines traveled all the way from storm ravaged Alabama on one of the League’s Hurricane Katrina Rescue Units.

We will never know how they came to be all alone or the conditions they survived, but when they arrived here after a 15-hour journey, they each weighed just over a pound and were infested with fleas.

We knew loving homes would await each of the three sisters once they were able to gain weight and strength. Most importantly, they needed to know the love and hands on care that our foster care department here at the League administers to all abandoned or orphaned kittens and puppies in their care.

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