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Amazing Mutt-i-grees Mixed-Breed Dogs Available for Adoption

We have so many wonderful, healthy, and happy mixed breed pets available for adoption at the Animal League. At the Animal League, mixed breed pets are never called Mutts — they’re Mutt-i-grees® — because they’re so unique and special.

Click here for our address and directions to our Port Washington, NY, shelter.

Meet some of the adoptable mixed-breed dogs in our shelter now:



What’s a Mutt-i-gree®?


Adoptable animals are often mixed breed pets, animals that we call Mutt-i-grees®, and when it comes time to obtain a pet, unique, healthy shelter animals are an amazing choice.

The Mutt-i-grees® Initiative

Purebreed vs. Mixed Breed Dogs (Mutt-i-grees®)

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