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Casey Is Home At Last!

January 30, 2013

Thanks to Beth and Howard Stern, this sweet adult dog has found her perfect match

Every day of the week, there are hundreds of beautiful animals up for adoption at North Shore Animal League America, along with hundreds of visitors looking for the canine or feline who will come home with them and be their loving, loyal companion.

One of our most beloved visitors is Beth Stern, our spokesperson and Mutt-i-gree® mom extraordinaire! Beth and her husband Howard Stern are the proud parents of four Animal League America cats—Walter, Apple, Leon Bear and Charlie Boy—and they proudly call them the loves of their lives.

Beth is a passionate advocate of adopting Mutt-i-grees, the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens from shelters and rescue groups. Moreover, Beth has a special place in her heart for animals who are harder to adopt, including special-needs pets and older dogs and cats; she often helps us get the word out about the benefits of adopting senior pets, as she did in her blog post in October 2012.

During a visit to Animal League America in January, Beth met Casey, the sweet girl pictured here, and she fell instantly in love (we’re quite sure the feeling was entirely mutual)! Casey, a 10-year-old female Collie mix, is a friendly and affectionate dog, but she was being overlooked by the majority of adopters because of her age.

We’re thrilled to report that, like so many stories here at Animal League America, this one has a very happy ending—thanks to the Sterns!

After Beth told Howard about the wonderful dog she’d met that day, he shared Casey’s story with the listeners of his radio show. One of them was Kyle. He shares the story:

“We lost our dog Cinny (short for Cinnamon) a couple of months ago, and I really didn't think another dog was in my foreseeable future as there wasn’t anybody around during the day to train and supervise a puppy. I began thinking an older rescue dog might offer my kids and me that special pet experience and love that was missing since we lost Cinny.

I probably wouldn’t have acted on adopting a dog because I was busy with work and two daughters, Christie in 11th grade and Rachel in 12th grade, headed toward college. I also have a 14-year-old son, Travis, who was especially affected by the loss of Cinny. Every night he would call her at bedtime and she would go strolling into his room for the night.

I heard Howard Stern mention on his show that there was an older dog needing a home at North Shore Animal League America that his wife Beth just fell in love with. A fleeting thought passed through my head, but I ignored it. But the seed was planted, and several days later I called Animal League America and found out the dog was still available. I decided to look on the website, and I discovered that Casey looks almost exactly like a dog I had over 25 years ago. I felt this was a good sign and I decided to meet her.

Travis and I braved the snow that Friday night and met Casey—the sweetest dog ever! It was like she knew us for years. She loved to be petted, and she listened when she was told to get down off the bench and sit for me. I knew she was smart, and I instantly wanted to take her home.

When I unleashed her in my yard, she hopped and galloped like a young colt. She was so happy. She likes to fetch when she’s in the mood and will play tug of war. She loves going on walks and rides in the car. I tried to go out my gate when she first arrived and she bolted past me and out into the street. My heart panicked and I called ‘Casey, come!’ She looked at me and ran over to my car. So I opened the back hatch and she jumped right in.

She has this happy personality and gets excited like a puppy at all these things. My oldest daughter dubbed her BFG for ‘Big Friendly Giant.’ She loves to snuggle and always comes over and rests her head on my knee or near where I’m sitting. We’re thrilled to have Casey as part of our family, and I’d encourage everyone to consider adopting an older pet.”

After hearing the great news, Beth tweeted to her Twitter followers, saying, “I am elated to report that Casey the 10 yr old collie mix has been adopted by a wonderful family! Take good care of her, Kyle! #happyday”

All of us at Animal League America want to extend our thanks to Beth and Howard for sharing Casey’s story, and we also want to thank and congratulate Kyle and his family for giving Casey many more happy days to come!

If you’d like to find out more about our adoptable animals, visit To learn about our Senior for Seniors program, which offers special benefits for people 60 and over who adopt adult pets, please click here.