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A Picture-Perfect Gift

Posted by on August 14, 2013

Another month, another bundle of adorable foster kittens! The first week of August, I was back at one of my favorite places in the world—you guessed it, the campus of North Shore Animal League America—meeting the people who were adopting the seven kittens Howard and I just fostered. As hard as it was to say good-bye to these beautiful babies, it filled me with joy to know that they will be cared for by adopters who will love them forever.

Before we handed them over to their new families, we took some photos that we will cherish forever. And some of those photos are featured in a project that I’m so excited to tell you about: the brand new Animal League America 2014 Mutt-i-grees® Calendar!

Howard and I had such a great time putting together a calendar in 2012, and this year’s edition was even more fun to create. The animals featured in this one-of-a-kind calendar are all Animal League America rescues, and they range from the tiniest of kittens (all of whom we fostered!) to regal, adult cats, and from adorable puppies to senior dogs of all sizes, mixes and personalities.

Some came from unwanted litters; others were rescued from puppy mills; others were ailing animals who were about to be euthanized at municipal shelters that were overcrowded and lacked the resources to care for them. Wherever they came from, they were safe once they were rescued by Animal League America.

I’m so happy to share these pictures! One of my favorites was taken on the beach with some blissful adult dogs seeing the ocean for the first time. I also love the photo of me eating ice cream—not just because I got to eat ice cream, but because the look on the face of the pup sharing with me was so darn cute! And the photos of me with our foster kittens will have a place in my heart forever.

I happen to know the photographer quite well, and he shares my love of animals and my devotion to the cause of rescue and adoption. Thank you, Howard, for giving your time and talent to help Animal League America raise the funds needed to continue to save nearly 20,000 innocent lives each year. You definitely win “husband of the year” in my book!

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are. Howard and I are busy this month fostering our new group of cuddly kitties. We’re totally hooked on fostering, and as I told you in last month’s blog, I totally recommend it. Please consider opening your home to these precious animals until they are ready for their forever homes.

Finding wonderful homes for shelter animals, fondly known as Mutt-i-grees, is what Animal League America is all about. Just think of it: Because of Animal League America and supporters like you, more than 1 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens who would almost certainly have been euthanized at municipal shelters were instead adopted into loving homes. I cannot begin to express how proud I am to be the spokesperson for this organization, and I thank you from the bottom of heart for supporting our life-saving mission.

Visit to purchase a calendar, which costs $24.95, including shipping and handling. Thank you so much for being part of Animal League America’s life-saving mission! Proceeds of the calendar sales go right to our BFF (Bianca’s Furry Friends) capital campaign. We’re just getting started and we couldn’t be more excited.


P.S. There are still several dozen black cats (the luckiest kind in the world!) available for adoption at Animal League America. Please come by and meet your new best friend today.

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