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The Truth About FIV Cats

Ask the Experts

Pet Health Q&A

Ask the Pet Health Expert!

Dr. Mark Verdino

Many high kill shelters will euthanize FIV cats for lack of space and fear that they won’t be adopted. FIV is a relatively new discovery by vets in 1986. FIV cats are the victims of misconception, not some horrible, crippling disease. There are even kitty vaccines for FIV which have been around since 2002.

There is no need to euthanize an FIV cat or be afraid to adopt one! An FIV cat does everything a healthy indoors cat does. Most FIV positive cats live a long time and that time as about as normal and healthy as any other cat. They make the perfect indoors cats since they must stay inside to remain healthy. Indoor FIV cats are far less likely to show symptoms.

To understand an FIV cat, you need to understand FIV (Feline Immune Deficiency Virus). This means they have a slower immune system and need a little extra care. FIV is a lentrivirus which means that it gradually affects a cat. The reason it can be found in some stray cats is because of fighting tomcats that spread the disease through bites and open wounds.

FIV is not harmful to humans or other animals like dogs or birds. A spayed cat with FIV rarely infects other cats. It doesn’t transfer to other cats from playing or eating. In fact, FIV mothers usually don’t pass it on to their litter of kittens.

They need a yearly shot and a healthy diet. FIV usually don’t show symptoms until their teen years. Many never show symptoms at all. An indoor environment with a window perch is a safe haven for them. They will be as mellow and affectionate as any other non-FIV cat.

If you want to adopt an FIV kitty then see contact
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