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How can I train my puppy to eliminate outside?


My 5-month-old puppy won’t eliminate outside. She will only urinate. What should I do?


Where is the puppy defecating? If it is going back to a specific spot in the home, that spot should be cleaned thoroughly with a product such as Natures Miracle or 50% vinegar/water solution to prevent the puppy from being drawn to that same spot. Vigilance and consistency are the keys to housebreaking. Maintain a consistent schedule for the housebreaking routine. This will help your dog anticipate the time he/she is going to need to eliminate and help you predict as well. Feed the dog at the same time every day. Leave the food down for a half hour only. Do not leave food down all the time, as it will cause the dog’s elimination habits to be erratic. Take the dog out on a leash within fifteen minutes of eating to the same spot where he/she has urinated. Give them ample time to go. If the dog does not go, they should be supervised when being brought back into the house to avoid an uncorrectable accident and then given another housebreak walk in fifteen minutes. Use a training crate as a housebreaking aid when you can not physically watch the dog.

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