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Oklahoma Tornado Rescue Efforts

Update: Animal League America Assists Oklahoma Pets

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Our Mobile Rescue Unit and Emergency Rescue Team arrived in Oklahoma on Wednesday, May 22nd, and have been working around the clock ever since to help those affected by the recent tornadoes.

Our Emergency Rescue Team is working with the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division to identify shelter animals to transport back to our Port Washington, NY headquarters so the Oklahoma shelter can house animals newly displaced by the tornado until they can be returned to their owners.

The shelter is in desperate need of making space for the many pets who lost their homes; they are currently taking care of over 150 animals displaced by the storm. By transporting animals to New York who were already up for adoption prior to the storm, Animal League America will help make sure family pets will be safe until their owners are reunited with them.

Thank you to all those who have donated to help us in our Oklahoma rescue mission and all of our ongoing rescue efforts. Please continue your generous support in the weeks and months to come.

Please Help Us Save the Lives of Pets Displaced in Tornado-Ravaged Areas

The devastating scenes coming out of Oklahoma in the wake of some of the most severe tornadoes in history are heartbreaking.

North Shore Animal League America, in collaboration with the Bella Foundation and MuttNation Foundation, has already deployed one of our Mobile Rescue Units to Moore, Oklahoma, the epicenter of the disaster, to help the families and pets who have been affected by this tragedy.

Our Emergency Rescue Team and Mobile Rescue Unit will be on the ground beginning Wednesday, May 22, to serve as a temporary shelter to care for pets of evacuated residents and assist in animal rescue efforts. Our Mobile Rescue Unit, a self-contained, generator-powered shelter on wheels, will be stationed at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds, just miles from the disaster, where an emergency pet shelter has been established.

After assessing the needs of the community, our Emergency Rescue Team will determine whether or not to transport shelter animals that were previously relinquished by their owners prior to the storm to our national adoption headquarters in New York, thereby freeing up space in Oklahoma shelters to house animals displaced by the tornadoes. This also helps reduce the chance that lost animals will be euthanized and ensures that as many owners as possible will be reunited with their pets when the immediate crisis passes.

Also this week, we are continuing our regular schedule of puppy mill rescues, saving animals at these horrific commercial breeding facilities. Many other rescue efforts are underway as we prepare for our June 1st Pet Adoptathon Kick-Off Weekend, where over 700 animals will be available for adoption at our headquarters, and many thousands more at shelters around the globe.

We need your help more than ever before. Please donate today so we can help the people and animals of Oklahoma as we continue all of our life-saving work.

Get the latest updates and photos on our Facebook page.