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Cat Hit by Car Needs Your Help

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Update: March 2014 - Champ's Triumph

 Champ, before and after. A happy ending for this brave cat.

In May of 2013, Adopter Tiffany Tilton’s dream came true, and Champ’s amazing second life began. Almost one year post-adoption, the news is great. Tiffany tells us that Champ adjusted to his new environment quickly, including making friends with Tiffany’s three other Siamese housemates, Chewy, Monkey, and Muppet.

“Even blind, within just a few weeks, he would quickly bound down the stairs,” Tiffany says, “especially if he thought food or friends or head rubs awaited him at the bottom.”

She also reports that although his eyes don’t function, NSALA veterinarians and her local doctor agree there is no need to remove them just now. Besides, his blindness has in no way hindered his cat-ness.

“When he’s playing with me or his toys or his cat pals, it’s as if he can see,” Tiffany says. “He doesn’t let blindness slow him down. He doesn’t even seem to know he’s blind. He will quickly chase a string across the floor and even up into a chair so fast that you would swear he could see it.”

Tiffany was so impressed with Champ’s resilience and courage she made him his own Facebook page, which she says has more than 10,000 fans. And as so often happens in the world of social media, Champ has become something of a star, winning online contests and attracting all kinds of attention. During a recent radio interview, for example, Tiffany praised NSALA for its compassion and life-saving dedication. Not surprisingly, she also answered many questions about what it’s like to have a blind cat as a pet.

“He’s such a great cat,” she says. “I hope his story encourages others to consider adopting a special needs pet. They’re all special, just like Champ.”

Update: May 2013 - Loving Home for Champ 

North Shore Animal League America is dedicated to finding happy homes for every animal who comes through our doors. But when an animal has suffered so tremendously, as has precious Champ, it’s more important than ever to find the adopter who will give him a lifetime of devotion.

We couldn’t be happier to report that Champ is now healed, safe and loved with his adopter Tiffany Tilton, who brought Champ home on May 23, 2013.

Tiffany, who is a huge lover of Siamese cats, had followed Champ’s story on Facebook from the very beginning, and she was deeply touched by all that he’d been through.

“Every time I looked at his picture, I cried,” says Tiffany. But, as she learned about his remarkable improvement, her tears turned from sorrow to joy, she says. “I was so happy that he had been rescued and was getting the care he needed.”

When she first learned about Champ, Tiffany had not anticipated that she would be the lucky person who would become his adopter. But the more she read about the sweet cat’s journey to healing, the more she became convinced that she wanted to bring Champ home and care for him for the rest of his life.

Once Champ was ready to leave our medical center, Tiffany made the three-hour drive to our Port Washington, NY, headquarters, eager to bring him home to meet his new Siamese siblings: Muppet, Monkey and Chewy Bear, all rescued cats.

The moment Tiffany saw Champ and held him for the very first time, she was overcome with emotion. “Even before I met him, he had melted my heart,” she says. “Holding him was a dream come true.”

Tiffany explains that she had lost her cat in 2011 from lymphoma, and that another one of her cats, Simba, passed away this February from kidney disease. “I was still trying to heal myself from these losses,” she says, “and as I followed Champ’s story, I just knew we had to heal together.”

Watching Tiffany cradle Champ in her arms and shower him with kisses, there’s no doubt that this brave cat has a beautiful life ahead of him. “He is going to be loved and spoiled,” she says, adding that her three other felines will act as “seeing eye cats” for Champ. “I promised him that he’d never have to worry about anything ever again. Whatever he needs, he will get it.”

Congratulations to Tiffany on her new family member! All of us at Animal League America will miss Champ, but we are thrilled that he has found such a wonderful home.

Update: April 2013

Great news for all of Champ’s supporters! This brave cat, who came so close to losing his life, has improved tremendously. Although he is still in our Emergency Care Unit, his jaw has healed very well, and he is able to eat on his own. Our veterinary team reports that the wire in his mouth will be removed very soon, hopefully within the next few days.

Champ hasn’t yet had the surgery to remove his eyes, since they aren’t causing him any discomfort at this time. It’s possible he may need this surgery in the future, and if so, we will provide him with the best care in the world.

Although Champ will never be able to see again, we know fully expect that this survivor will adapt well to his new condition.

Once we determine that Champ’s jaw is fully healed, he will go up for adoption.

Many thanks to all of you who donated so generously to help Champ survive his ordeal!

Champ's Story

When North Shore Animal League America rescued this sweet Siamese cat from a municipal shelter, he was perilously close to death.

The cat, whom our rescue team named Champ, had been hit by a car and left gravely wounded on a roadside. His injuries included head trauma, a broken jaw and severe damage to both of his eyes.

Despite Champ’s slim odds of survival, our medical staff worked tirelessly to save him. They immediately administered medication to alleviate his pain; next, they wired his jaw shut so it could have a chance to heal properly. Then, they inserted a feeding tube so Champ could receive essential nourishment to help him gain back his strength.

Our veterinary staff monitored Champ around-the-clock, concerned that the impact of the crash might have caused neurological problems. Day by day, he is growing stronger, and he shows no signs of brain damage.

But Champ isn’t out of the woods yet. Sadly, the injuries to his eyes were far too severe to be repaired, and he will require surgery to remove them.

Won't you please help?

Although Champ will never see again, this resilient cat will thrive under the care of a loving adopter who has another cat to help him adapt.

Please donate today so that we can provide Champ, and other innocent animals like him, with the treatment they so richly deserve.

On behalf of all ailing and abused animals, we thank you for generosity.

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