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Our Biggest Life-Saving Project In History!

Posted by on May 13, 2013

As North Shore Animal League America’s spokesperson, I have experienced firsthand how adopting cats can change your life. Thanks to this amazing organization, Howard and I are the parents of four fabulous felines: Walter, Apple, Leon Bear and Charlie Boy, and we are truly one big happy family (photo by Howard Stern right).

For many years, we were also blessed to have a wonderful dog in our life, Bianca (photo by Howard Stern bottom left). When she passed away last summer, we were devastated, but your love and kindness helped more than words can express.

Now, I’m asking you to continue to share your love for all animals by joining with me in supporting Animal League America’s biggest expansion in history: Bianca’s Furry Friends, a state-of-the-art Feline Adoption & Wellness Center named in honor of our beloved girl.

Animal League America rescues, nurtures and adopts nearly 20,000 homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens each year, but we want to save the lives of even more. The dilemma we face is that our Adoption Center is always at full capacity.

With Bianca’s Furry Friends, we’ll add a 14,000-square-foot second floor to our existing Adoption Headquarters that will feature a cage-free environment for up to 200 cats and kittens. The Center will keep our felines much happier, since they’ll be able to roam freely (no doggies allowed upstairs). Happy, stress-free cats are adopted more quickly, so we’ll have room for more cat rescues.

And we’ll be able to save more dogs, too, since the area downstairs where cats now stay will be available to expand our very successful canine adoption program. With all the cats moved upstairs to the new feline floor, our main floor will be able to house more puppy mill rescues and more adult dogs.

But there’s more! Bianca’s Furry Friends will also include an advanced Wellness Center; a 24-hour-care feline Nursery exclusively for pregnant and nursing mama cats and their newborn litters; a Surgical Center; and more.

I couldn’t be more excited to be leading the campaign to raise the funds needed to make this dream a reality. It’s going to take about $7 million to build Bianca’s Furry Friends—but I have total faith that, with your help, we’ll make it happen. 

Please join me in helping save the lives of thousands more precious animals each year. On behalf of Bianca, Howard and everyone at Animal League America (especially the animals), thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Make a donation to Bianca's Furry Friends here.

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